Happy New Year everyone!  So much happened at this year’s USAPA Nationals that we still have stories to share with you!  One significant instance was how Mona Burnett won five gold medals, one for each division in which she played!  Mona played in multiple divisions: Senior Open Women’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles 55+ with partner Luba Zhekhovskaya, Senior Open Mixed Doubles with partner Scott Moore, Mixed Doubles 55+ with partner Tyler Sheffield and Women’s Singles 55+.  Playing by herself or with Luba, Scott and Tyler, Mona made it happen, accomplishing something very few have done.  Listen to Mona now describe why she feels she won and the changes she has seen at Nationals since competing in its first tournament.

And maybe it’s your turn to make a resolution to go for gold at your local tournament.  Let us know your New Year’s resolutions in the comments below.  Happy New Year!

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3 Tips to Better Doubles Team 294x160Mona said she couldn’t have won without her amazing partners. Hear from four-time gold medal champions, Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner, as they share insights about what makes a great doubles team in a previous episode of Pickleball 411, “Three Tips to a Better Doubles Team”.

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  1. Coach Russell E - Tampa

    Awesome accomplishment Mona!!!! Rusty, another great interview! Love the Pickleball Channel

  2. Been involved with pickleball for some ten years here in CT. I help teach PB through our senior center. Late last October, I had a total knee replacement. My resolution (goal) was to get back to the classes and start playing again before the end of the year. Eight weeks after the operation I was on the courts. Rusty, I love the work and information you put out – it is great for new players to see where we are trying to get them as they learn the game.

  3. Right on Mona, great playing!

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