Witness the beauty of pickleball From Above.  Soar over the largest public pickleball facility in one place in this filmic look at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex in St. George, UT.  From up to 400 feet in the sky, Pickleball Channel was able to capture some inspiring views during the Huntsman World Senior Games this year.  You may have thought these courts were amazing from the ground, but these unique shots will take your breath away.  Be inspired as we take pickleball to new heights!

The Little Valley Pickleball Complex has 24 pickleball courts, completed in 2015.  The facility hosts a variety of pickleball events including lessons, clinics, leagues, youth pickleball, and tournaments; and they are scheduled to host the USAPA West Regional tournament in 2016. What is interesting about this particular facility is that the community organized donations, including running a benefit tournament, to raise money for the city to put in these fantastic pickleball courts.  To learn more about how the courts were built, check out this article at suindependent.com/little-valley-pickleball-courts-st-george

And for more information about tournaments in the area, including at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex, visit sgcity.org/departments/recreation/adultsports/pickleball_tournaments

Are you looking for a place to play pickleball? Check out this link from the USAPA about places to play in your area:  usapa.org/places-to-play-pickleball

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Fall-Brawl-2015-Carr-Around-the-Net-Post-v3-228x128 There are many excellent tournaments held at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex – Fall Brawl being a highlight. Here’s a one-of-a kind around the post shot shown in slow-mo captured at Fall Brawl 2015.

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  1. Great film making guys! We are very proud of these courts in St. George, and the aerial perspective is really unique and pleasing to the eyes. We will make sure the Mayor, City Counsel, and Parks and Rec folks see what they helped create!

  2. Do you have lessons?
    I’ve never played

  3. Visiting St. George September 19th and 20th. Are there any “open” play times those days? My wife and I and another couple would love to experience St George pickleball with some locals during our stay. (All strong 3.5 players)
    John p.
    Santa Cruz pickleball club
    Santa Cruz

  4. The complex is fantastic. And side note-the bathrooms are always so clean!

  5. Hiking Zion and would LOVE to play with locals. 2 of us are 3.5 players from North Dakota. Looking at this Wednesday possibly.

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