There were some insane matches from the US Open Pickleball Championships this year that Pickleball Channel captured in a new way using live stream!  Some of these matches we would not have normally covered, but with this unique medium we were able to record 10 high-energy matches and 3 additional tips form the winners themselves.

Besides getting to watch some great games, you will also hear from several pickleball Pros who we invited to help provide guest commentary, alongside Rusty Howes, during match play.  It’s great to listen to the insight the Pros provide right while it’s happening.

The easiest way for us to bring you all ten videos at once is to create a playlist. Just click play to start the playlist, but feel free to jump around by using the menu in the top left corner of the video to see the list of all ten.

These live streams were incredibly popular on Facebook, acquiring over 50,000 views in total.  Be sure to keep your eyes on Pickleball Channel for more great US Open Pickleball Championship videos to come!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT – Thank you to John Jermstad for collaborating with us to bring everyone the live streaming.  We couldn’t have done it without him!

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  1. Great commentating LIVE Rusty Howes & Alex Hamner! So much fun to watch & listen…. WELL-DONE PALS!

  2. Unfortunately the linesmen had to sit in these recliner beach chairs so as not to obstruct the sight of viewers in the box seats, The call made on the final point was certainly not influenced by Sara as Alex Hamneri suggested, in fact she was as surprised as the other three players.
    A great match all in all.

  3. The referee has the authority to overrule the line judge assuming she had a clear view of the ball. Since the ball landed just a couple of feet from the referee, I have a hard time believing she did not see the ball land. I think the primary fault for this obvious gaff lies with the referee who should have overruled the linesman.

  4. The call was more than disappointing and should have been appealed, which is their right and for some reason forgot that. Also you see the linesman on the left stating the after fact that it was out, when he should not have even been considered as a clear “look” through two players to the left of him. This to me puts a real bad light on USAPA. It’s time to start considering allowing and instant replay of the filmed shot. With the crowd all seeing this error and booing, all players should have been gracious and replayed the point.

  5. My error in saying this was a USAPA sanctioned Tournament. No reflection on them and I apologize for the above statement.

  6. #pickleball4life



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