This week’s episode of I Pickleball profiles a very popular pickleball coach from The Villages in central Florida.  Although his official name is Richard Movsessian, everyone knows him as “Coach Mo.”  Watch now and hear how his fascinating history of being a lifelong coach in multiple sports (Miracle on Ice!) translates now to pickleball and a passion for helping people!

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  1. Kudos to Coach Mo. For everyone who thinks about it but hardly ever says it “Thank You” for your time, patience and guidance. It’s great to have people like “Mo”, not only for the participants but for the activity. There’s nothing more gratifying for a coach than to see a student/participant and/or a team reach the best that they can be. Once again Coach Mo “THANK YOU” for making better pickleball players.

  2. Can you please confirm whether those bounce serves shown in the video are legal? It’s my understanding they are not, and I was surprised to see that Coach Mo apparently hasn’t corrected this; however, when I go back to the rule book, it’s a bit ambiguous. Seems to depend on the definition of “playing surface” and “court.” If those words are defined to include the area outside the baseline (e.g., the serving area), then it seems my understanding is correct; however, if the “playing surface” and “court” are limited by the boundary lines, I guess it could be legal to bounce the ball on a serve if the server’s bounce is behind the baseline(?). See IFP Rules p. 1; also, 4.B and 4.C.

    • Hi Janet, thanks for watching and commenting. Actually those shots in the video are not someone serving. We shoot lots and lots of footage and had people playing, practicing, drilling etc. What is actually happening is that she was bouncing and hitting the ball down the sideline to practice her forehand ground stroke during one of Coach Mo’s clinics. So technically it was a stroke not a serve during a game. When teaching, Coach Mo explains the technique of hitting the forehand ground stroke. He then demonstrates it, and then each student mimes the shot without the ball. Lastly, they bounce the ball and hit a forehand stroke straight over the net as close to the sideline as they can. This helps players to develop ball placement. If alone on a court a player can bounce a basket of balls and practice their ground stokes. Or multiple players can simply use this bouncing technique to drill with one another. As to the official rules of a serve – per the rules chair… if this footage was a serve, it would be illegal. So, just in case someone watching was hoping to try a bounce serve, that would be illegal. We hope that helps clarify a few things. All the best and thanks for sharing Pickleball Channel and the sport with friends.

  3. “Ditto” what Bobby De said. Coach Mo said he lives for PBALL and anyone who truly has “the bug” will understand that. He is an inspiration to all of us who feel that way . In a conversation I had with him setting up a clinic in Manchester NH 8/19 I felt like I was talking to my “older brother from a different mother” got off the phone and had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or had gone to “Pickleball Heaven”! “Slow the game dow and play smart percentages” -COACH MO RULES!!

  4. Rusty, I enjoyed meeting you in the Villages last month. I just thought you might like to know Coach Mo, was recognized by over 70 of his thousands of pickleball pupils at a banquet honoring him. He was presented with a special commemorative paddle with the picture you showed in Arizona on it. He also heard from many students what he has done for their pickleball game. It was a well deserved tribute to a great person. “Go Coach!”

    • Jim,
      It was great to be out there in the Villages last month. We really enjoyed meeting all of the community there and learned a lot. We heard about Coach Mo’s recognition ceremony, but didn’t know the details. Thanks for sharing! It’s been a privilege.

  5. I have been playing for only 1 month and everybody has a different RULE when it comes to the kitchen. I don’t see a tab for “official rules”. Are there different rules for different division??
    Thank you.

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