What do you do if you are injured and can’t wait to play pickleball again?  This week on Pickleball Channel our guest is Jeff Shank, a popular pickleball instructor and player who lives at The Villages in central Florida.  Pickleball Channel met up with Jeff so he could share with all of us some great tips on how to make the most of your recovery time.

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  1. That’s great information period. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No captions???????? Come on I am very disappointed in you! It s no point for the deaf community !

    • Mickey:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We normally do add captions to the videos, it just took us longer today. We just finished adding the captions a few minutes ago, so now when you press the play button and hover over the player screen, the YouTube cc button will appear in the menu. When you click that you can view captions.

  3. I played Pickleball 10 days in a row, including the So Cal Summer Class at Melba Bishop in June of this year. I developed painful tendinitis in my right wrist. I was pretty upset at the prospect of not playing. Then I came up with the idea of continuing to play with my left hand. It has been a month now, and I am getting pretty good with my left. I will occasionally use my right hand for overhead slams and backhand shots that I wouldn’t be able to reach with my left hand. I consider my wrist injury a blessing that has allowed me to develop skills with my left hand that will improve my game in the long run, and prevent future injury to my overused dominant right hand.

  4. I’m also recovery from surgery and will be unable too play,it will be hard to sit a watch court side what I do is study videos

  5. hubert townsend

    I watch and imagine I am coaching and what would I advise my players to be doing. I try to analyze each point and how the winners came to achieve their point.

  6. Pretty obvious information

  7. Bob De Robertis

    As I can see and everyone else reading the posts that we cater to our own convictions. There’s nothing wrong with that. We should all know where we want to go and where we want to be playing pickleball. I am going through some downtime currently and like to watch better play as well as video on the pickleball channel. For me that aides my mental aspect of the game to help me get to my own challenge to be a 4.5 60+ player. Like the pickleball channel, love the game and can’t wait to get back out there playing.

  8. I just had back surgery 2 weeks ago. It is hard to sit and watch but with this time I try to involve myself in watching and silently reffing! Notice I said silently 🙂 I’m a pretty vocal person so once I get started then I will want to put a paddle in my hand and sit in a chair at the kitchen line…lol I try to coach and help out wherever I can. I still have about 6 more weeks but love listening to the sound of that ball. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m having trouble with my sacroiliac joint. First thing I’m doing while sidelined is following physical therapy regime!

    I’m also doing Visual Calisthenics to help my keep my eye on the ball, watching good players, and instructional videos. Well, I’m cheating a tiny bit by playing with Dimon the Pickleball Machine. But with Simon I can control my reactions.

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