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Rick Hooker

Wayne Skinner

Jamie Elliott

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who participated in our sweepstakes!

Look to follow our winners in October during the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games!


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This week Pickleball Channel brings you a Sweepstakes!


Enter for a chance to win one of three pickleball registrations to the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, UT starting on October 13, 2014. To enter, COMMENT BELOW and tell us: What’s the BEST thing about playing #Pickleball at Huntsman World Senior Games? Haven’t competed at Huntsman yet? Then tell us: What’s the best thing about competing in a pickleball tournament? Then you are automatically entered for a chance to win!

Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 1, 2014.

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY; void where prohibited.  Open only to legal residents of 50 US (inc. D.C.) and Canada (excl. Quebec), age 50+ by 12/31/14  3 Grand Prizes to be awarded in total; each Grand Prize is 1 Pickleball registration to 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games (ARV $84 each). Ends 4/1/14 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. See Official Rules for details.  Sponsored by Pickleball Channel, 1165 E. 230th St., Carson, CA 90745.

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  1. Great idea! I’ll be very interested in hearing what people like best about competing in pickleball tournaments because I enjoy putting them on here in New England!

  2. Pickleball is very addictive…I play almost every day, and have met some of the most amazing people ever…..playing in 2 tournnaments has bolstered my confidence that I can do better the next time!! love the site!! & would love to play in the Huntsman!! thanks

  3. It is almost impossible to pick ONE best thing about playing pickleball, whether in a tournament or just recreationally. When I play pickleball, I feel on top of the world … what’s better than that?? I love the community. I love the laughter. I love feeling the endorphins exploding from every pore. I love feeling competent and joyful. I guess that’s the best thing about playing pickleball!

  4. Playing in any tournament is a wonderful way to meet new people and gain new skills. I would love to play in the Huntsman games.

  5. Coming from a small town of 5,000 people near Vancouver Canada, a tournament of such magnitude will surely bring out the best in all of us. I think the best part will be watching and playing against players at our level and striving to improve, and possibly move up a level for the next events. Mostly we find an unspoken bond with everyone we pass by or take the time to say “hello” to. We rarely go home from any tournament without a new friend. If you don’t win a medal, but win a friend, it still puts you in the winners circle.

  6. I have entered the Huntsman Senior Games once. We drove down to St. George from Montana three years ago and enjoyed the weather, the surrounding red hills beauty, the host hospitality, the concerts AND the chance to meet, practice, watch and play against some down home regular pickleball players on well maintained corts. Had a lot of fun in the sun and met a swarm of new people and learned from them. Plan/hope to soon be able to make the trip a more common occurence.

  7. I find playing in not only pickleball tournaments, but any other sports tournament competition, affords me a chance to meet new people, find out a little something about them, and eventually expand my circles of acquaintances in each sport. I enjoy meeting people and sharing stories with each other. These can become friendships that last far longer beyond any singular matches. As time goes on, it’s these interactions that form lasting memories and not the actual game outcomes!

  8. I have entered once. Drove from Montana three years ago and enjoyed the weather, the surrounding red hills beauty, the host hospitality, the concerts AND the chance to meet, practice, watch and play against some fine pickleball players. Had fun in the sun and learned from new people.

  9. The best thing for me about competing in a pickleball tournament is the challenge of playing the best I can play. I have not played in the Huntsmans Games, but recently entered two tournaments and came away with a bronze medal in both of them. My daughter took a picture of me playing and captioned it “so proud of my Mom”. It brought tears to my eyes.

  10. Best thing about a pickleball tournament is the people you meet and the friends you make. I would love to play in the Huntsman games that I have heard so much about.

  11. Stefan Constable

    !. The only tournament I would consider ever playing .
    2. Sportsmanship

  12. Last year what I loved about playing in the Huntsman Sr. games was walking onto the courts to face competitors that I did not know and walking off having made new friends. Now looking forward to reconnecting at this year’s tourney.Ah , this wonderful game we call pickleball!

  13. The people that I have met playing pickleball are just the best. The exercise is just a bonus. I’ve never played in the Huntsman Games but would love to someday. It would be an amazing opportunity for this pickleball addict.

  14. just fun

  15. My wife and I enjoy meeting other seniors from around the world. People like ourselves that want to have friendly competition with others of like ability who we can kick the crap out of and and still remain friends. It is always more about the new friendships than about the competition.

  16. I think that pickleball is the best thing since sliced bread! I love it and love meeting the people who play it. It would be fabulous to compete in the Senior Games in St. George.

  17. Just starting to play pickleball and having a great time. Everyone is helpful, friendly and making new friends is such fun. My husband is 80 and I am 75. What away to have fun. We certainly aren’t ready to compete.

  18. Pickleball is the game anyone can play. The serve unlike tennis is easy to learn and not as important as the tennis serve. I started playing in March and competed in the New York senior games in June. Luckily I picked a great partner and qualified for the Nationals last summer in Cleveland. Can’t tell you how many new and wonderful friends I have met through this game. Would love to go to the mecca of pickleball and see the best players compete. Love this game!

  19. I love seeing that guy with the viking pickleball helmet and watching him dive to save a ball. He obviously loves the game, playing in a Hawaiian shirt. I hope I can play that seriously relaxed too. Also love the many friends the wife and I make at Huntsman.

  20. I love to play pickleball for the healthy activity it gives. Playing competivly helps improve my game. I am looking to play in a sponsored event.

  21. As an old squash player whose body isn’t up to the demands of that game any longer, I am pleased to have discovered Pickleball. This game is still new to our area, but the tournaments I have participated in have renewed my enjoyment of competition and the social fun of meeting other pickleballers. Pickleball tourney ‘s rock!

  22. I have participated in a few tournaments in central Flordia, but mostly compete in The Villages. As a new player to Pickleball 2 years ago, I have left my tennis racket as a back up! Pickleball competition truly gets your adrenalin pumping. I am totally addicted to Pickleball and hope to be instrumental in growing the sport in southeast Virginia as I relocate next month. PB rocks!

  23. I have the best memories of playing pickleball in the Huntsman Games. People gather from all over the United States to compete, laugh, sweat, and most importantly make friends. An experience that is good for the heart and soul.

  24. I love pickleball and played in my first tournament today and yesterday! Very fun! I have two new knees and hips and am so excited I can play again!

  25. This will be my 13th year at the HWSG and year three competing in Pickleball. What a great sport and a world class event! You can’t beat the good deal HWSG registration includes Health screening worth way more than the cost of the registration. Play well and have fun. Sportsmanship is more important than winning!

  26. The best thing about competing in a pickleball tournament is the people. It takes teamwork, constant problem solving, and mental discipline. We have faced new challenges and caught a vision of what is possible. We have met people who share our passion for the sport. We have played for 18 months now. I play once or twice a day savoring the laughter, exercise, competition, and friendships. We went to Nationals in AZ and it really opened our eyes and inspired us to pursue excellence. We took a two week trip from KC to FL and played good pb every day except one due to travel. We met fantastic people in Mo, TN, GA, and FL. The Huntsman is definitely on our to do list. Thank you for this opportunity! Happy PB!

  27. It’s ..F U N..Fast..Fulfilling exercise w/lots of action for all ages & skill levels.also you meet the greatest folks…Its a social mixerfo all!

  28. Huntsman is special because it’s not just a pickleball tournament. Pickleball is just one sport among about 25 others and the 500 players are just a fraction of the total number of athletes at Huntsman. So, for me, it has the best aspects of a great pickleball tournament within the context of a much larger world-class senior games event.

  29. I’ve played pickleball almost 2 yrs. now and enjoy everything about the game. Have played in a couple of tournaments; it’s always fun to compete and learn from playing different people. As others have said, the camaraderie is the most fun of all.

  30. William (Bill) Lee

    Enjoy meeting new faces and learning both about Pickleball as well as other experiences.

  31. Last year was the first year I attended the Huntsman World Games. What amazed me was the organization of the events throughout the entire week! And, the spirit of the games was a blast! I spent all five days from 8am to 5pm watching every match I could set my eyes on! And, I got so encouraged to make sure I was entered this year! There is so much talent in Pickleball and yet for beginners like myself, those talented players are so willing to help us all out! I loved it all!

  32. Today, March 31st is my birthday and I am 61 years old. But when I play pickleball, I don’t feel a day over 45. I love the game. I have met so many great people and players around tournament play. I have not gone to the Huntsman games yet !!

  33. If you want to get in shape and have fun then pickleball the game for every one. Ron Schmeck

  34. Competing is like going to family reunions. Win or loose, I experience getting to share something we have in common. When it’s over I feel enriched and look forward to the next one where I get a chance to add family members I haven’t met yet.

  35. Having only played Pickleball for just over a year now I recently entered and played in my first Pickleball tournament in Fountain Hills, AZ. What a time I had! Just playing Pickleball is a lot of fun but particpating in tournaments is awesome! All of us think that we are pretty good but in a tournament you can be humbled rather quickly. Tournament play helps you to discover how demanding Pickleball really is and how talented dedicated players can be. It makes you want to improve your skills and to take your game to the next level. Tournaments are fun and you get to meet a lot of really nice people. I haven’t participated in the Huntsman but now it is on my bucket list!

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