It’s Halloween and pro pickleball player Rob Cassidy has a spooky new quick tip for you called ‘The Frankenstein Stance.’ It turns out old Frankie has a lot to teach us about building good habits for improving our dink drop volleys.  We all know how Frankenstein walks: arms stiff, straight in front of the body…and we can imitate that to get our paddle ready to hit some great drop volleys.

In this Pickleball Quick Tip Rob shows us how to level up our dink drop volley game with an exaggerated stance taken straight from the golden age of horror films.  Many people have the bad habit of playing with their paddle down at their waist, or ‘in the holster.’ The problem with that is that it take precious time to raise that paddle to hit a volley and just the motion of moving to the volley can give the ball more power than it needs.

Watch this quick tip to find out how you can use this Frankenstein Stance to make your game scary!

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Special thanks to Rob Cassidy, Lon Krantz, for their help in creating this quick tip.

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  1. Good training tip…can’t wait to try it

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