Increase the effectiveness of your drop volley with this great quick tip from Alice Tym! Alice has competed at Wimbledon and is a top SSIPA champion, and Rusty from Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to catch up with her while at the Huntsman World Senior Games this week. Many players have a hard time dropping the ball into the kitchen and it sometimes goes too far. Alice gives some great advice – and even uses a very unique visual aid to explain the concept. You won’t want to miss this, so watch today!

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pickleball_paddle_graphic_pbcImprove your Mid-Court Drop Volley with this Easy Drill. Learn the drill that Scott Moore uses to improve his mid-court drop volley. Scott will help you practice with a purpose so that your game continues to improve, and the drill can be easily modified for use with a partner or large group. Plus we’ve added graphics to give you tips on your technique. This video won’t take you long to watch, but the drill you learn can help for a lifetime of pickleball play! Watch today.

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  1. I live in Palm Beach, Florida and I need to ‘upgrade’ my pickleball paddle to an advance level paddle. Where can I go to see and test pickleball paddles?

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