Watch as Carolina Rodríguez Jiménez from Naples, FL introduces the sport of pickleball to DLatinos. She is the only Spanish person in her area so far and was recently interviewed by one of the biggest Latin TV Channels in southwest Florida. The video is in Spanish only, but it’s important to see how other cultures, languages and countries enjoy the game! Pickleball is fast becoming a world wide phenomenon with multiple countries rapidly growing the sport. If you know someone who speaks Spanish only, show them this video and share the fun! Great job Carolina for spreading the love of pickleball!

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  1. That is Good to Know that we have some latino in there. We practice Pickleball in Dominican Republic from las year, also we are planing to be in Holland Tournament in May. Early next year we have a Workshop for the first time in the country. Physical Education Teacher, Osvaldo Cabrera was the person bringht the Pickleball to Dominican Republic. 1-829-977-6408 you can contact at any time.


    Prof. Osvaldo Cabrera

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