Pickleball is a game of strategy, and you can begin thinking strategically from the first moment that you pick up the pickleball paddle. Novice players often make the mistake of not thinking this way. Sure, pickleball is a game, but it’s a game that lives and breathes strategy.

Watch this video and hear about a tip that is super simple, but it can make a big difference in your game.  Sometimes when playing we can get stuck hitting back and forth and find it hard to finish a point.  This tip gives some suggestions on how to break out of that, mix things up, and maybe score for the win.  Hear from Executive Producer of Pickleball Channel, Rusty Howes, as he gives you this easy tip to put into practice. Anyone can do it, and anyone can benefit from it. It’s a way to use your mind AND your body when playing pickleball!

Rusty’s quick tip for you is: Don’t play catch, play pickleball. A lot of players, when they start out, simply hit the ball back and forth again and again almost like they’re playing catch in the back yard. But why not try to play more strategically? For example, if you’re hitting the ball multiple times to one player, switch it up and hit it to their partner. You might catch them off guard. Instead of hitting volleys over and over and over, try slowing the ball down with a drop volley. Instead of hitting the ball the same direction again and again, change directions and make your opponent move.

Remember, pickleball is a game of strategy, so the next time you come out, don’t play catch, play pickleball.

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  1. Here is a possible tip for pickleball players. I have given lessons for several years and I believe that one of the biggest problems is not watching the ball through the hit. People look to where the ball is coming so they can put their paddle on it, but then they look up to see where it is going before they actually contact the ball. Many times this results in not hitting the ball square on the paddle and it ends up a bad shot — popping it up or hitting it into the net. To ensure you are actually looking at the ball, try to see how the ball is spinning. If you can actually see the spin of the ball, you are really focusing on it. This not only helps ensure that you are seeing the ball, but will help you counter any spins that your opponent puts on the ball to create difficulties for you to return. I find when I do this, I can return a lot higher percentage of my shots the way I had intended.

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