This match starts off with a bang! Don’t miss the second point showcasing an incredible exchange with an overhead lob, a couple great smashes and an around-the-post winner that is caught perfectly on camera! Check out this Pro Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match from the inaugural PPF Desert Championships held at The Lakes Country Club. Pro players Aspen Kern and Simone Jardim don’t take their foot off the gas as they put constant pressure on their opponents Christine McGrath and Tyler Wren. There are some great exchanges sprinkled throughout the match all the way until the long final dink session to cinch the gold.

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hqdefault1Find out more about this exciting tournament! It was actually one of two pickleball tournaments held in Palm Desert, California.  Get a sneak peak into the exciting Lakes Country Club Spring Fling hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. PLUS catch the first ever official Professional Pickleball Federation tournament. We’ve got some gorgeous aerial footage of the courts as well as breathtaking slow motion of the fantastic gameplay. Feel the excitement jump off the screen! Watch Two Tournaments Heat Up the Desert today.

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  1. I’m 71 and would like to see some senior gold medal games for older age groups. I’d like to see and learn more about Pickleball from less mobile older players. Both doubles and single matches would be great.

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