Every year the competition at USAPA Nationals gets even more fierce! Check out one of those competitions in this high energy gold medal battle between dynamic married duo Yvonne & Jim Hackenberg as they take on top 5.0 players Mark Friedenberg and Marsha Freso. It’s a pretty fast and furious match-up including long rallies and a parade of overhead smashes as these two top teams duke it out for the top prize!

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hqdefault3USAPA Nationals is always an exciting tournament, but this year the excitement reached new levels! With more participants than ever before, this tournament had it all. With a broad range of ages and skill levels, the 2017 USAPA Nationals gave out a total of 711 medals! Watch this high energy video of the great play and fantastic skills including breathtaking aerial footage of the courts and super slow motion pickleball action.

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  1. Marsha….thanks for wearing the black Atlantic Regional Shirt for the Gold Medal Match! We love you in Maine!

  2. Isn’t it time that the Pickleball community condemned the wearing of clothing that matches the color of the ball. This is just hoping that your opponent doesn’t see the ball as well as they might if the shirt didn’t match the color of the ball. This action totally goes against the spirit of fair play and should be outlawed by the powers that be. Speak up!

  3. I agree with Paul on the clothing color. Have seen it many times- clothing same color as the ball.
    Some of our local tournaments haven’t allowed it. It’s simple and logical: clothing can’t match the ball color. Change the rule.

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