Tyler Sheffield and Larry Moon had to battle through three tough games to win the gold medal! Hear their helpful advice on what helped them win including a great tip on what to do when the nerves of a high stress game make your play a little tight. This is great advice from two great players!

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pickleball_huntsman_mens_doubles_gold_pbcWatch the entire match! This is a dynamic gold medal match that goes to 3 games! Scott Lennan and Jim Hackenberg take on Tyler Sheffield and Larry Moon in the Men’s Doubles 50+ 5.0 at the Huntsman World Senior Games earlier this year. You’ll want to watch all the way to the very end of an exciting third tie-breaker game that goes to 16 points! Check out the strategy and stamina that make this game exciting and unique.

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  1. I need to remember this …. “Just play better” … Love it! Tip of the year Larry, thanks!! (seriously, it makes so much sense)

  2. is it considered good or poor sportsmanship to hit a hard shot directly at your opponent?

  3. What strategies can one use if you’re opponent focuses their play against your weaker partner?

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