Rachael Kroog and Rob Schmidt pulled out a win at the Huntsman World Senior Games after finding themselves behind in the Mixed Doubles 50-54 A category. Undefeated coming into the final match, they lost the first two games and were behind in the tie breaker. After the match, they gave Pickleball Channel some great advice which turned the game around for them – play “smarter”. What does that mean exactly? Find out in this Winning Tip!

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mixed-doubles-pickleball-huntsman-pbcWant to watch the entire Gold Medal Match?  Check out this dynamic match-up with Rachael Kroog & Rob Schmidt vs Stacy Downey & Stephen Cole as they fight to the finish for GOLD in the Mixed Doubles 50-54 A category. These two teams are very well matched and fight each other point for point until the dynamic 3rd tie breaker game! Make sure you watch until the end…you won’t believe how it finishes!

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  1. Slow motion video of illegal serves would be instructive since there is some ambi guity around what constitutes a legal serve.

  2. Hello,
    I live in a senior community 55 and over. Our small pickleball group would sure like get more people interested in pickleball but are having a lot of difficulty in recruiting more players. We are fresh out of ideas. Any tips for getting more players interested?

    • Like you I live in a 55+ community. One Saturday morning we held a 2 hour open house on the court. Prior to the open house we did a lot of publicity, very important. We had an article appear in our 55+ community newspaper about the open house, put up posters, and asked other clubs to announce the event and we each let our neighbors know they were welcome to attend. On the day of the open house we had a ball machine on the court and rotated groups of 4 or 5 on for 15 minutes or so, depending on how many we had lined up waiting. Some of our advanced players acted as coaches. They showed the new players how to hit forehands off the ball machine while other members of our group picked up balls to reload the machine.

      We had about 60 people turn our and 22 of them signed up for a 4 lesson beginner package, price $20. The lessons started within a week to 10 days of the open house; 1 lesson a week for 4 weeks. The $20 went into the club treasury–none of the $20 fee was kept by the instructors. Of the 22 people who signed up for lessons , about 14-16 have stayed on to play regularly. Don’t know if this will work for you, but it did for us.

      The time of year to have the open house will play a part in how many people turn out. Best time: Try to do it in Jan, Feb or early March—retirees haven’t started traveling yet; avoid time around Easter break for open houses or classes; time with grandkids is important to 55+ people. Summer the grandkids are out of school and grandparents have plans with them. Late September or early October is an ok time but be sure your classes are over at least a week before Thanksgiving. Avoid December.

      That’s my input…good luck

      That’s my input—good luck
      Good luck,

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