The Huntsman World Senior Games always has incredible pickleball matches and this year was no exception! Check out this dynamic match-up with Rachael Kroog & Rob Schmidt vs Stacy Downey & Stephen Cole as they fight to the finish for GOLD in the Mixed Doubles 50-54 A category. These two teams are very well matched and fight each other point for point until the dynamic 3rd tie breaker game! Make sure you watch until the end…you won’t believe how it finishes!

Are you wondering why a third tie-breaker match was played? We understand this can be confusing! The tournament format at Huntsman was Double Elimination which means that a loss of any kind puts the loser into a lower bracket. The winner of that lower bracket (in this case Downey/Cole) play the winner of the top bracket (undefeated Kroog/Rob) for the championships. If the winner of the lower bracket wins the two games in the match, a third game tie-breaker match must be played. The winner of that tie-breaker wins the match!

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pickleball-mixed-doubles-huntsman-kroog-brThe winners of this exciting Mixed Doubles match pulled out a win at the Huntsman World Senior Games after finding themselves way behind in the necessary tie-breaker.  After the match, they gave Pickleball Channel some great advice which turned the game around for them – play “smarter”. What does that mean exactly? Find out in this Winning Tip!

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  1. Thx for explaining about the 3 match tie-breaker and double elim format. It was confusing at first!

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