Check out the pickleball action from Grand Canyon State Games last week! All the cool footage makes you proud to be a pickleball player. It was a blast as you can see! This video has it all – tons of slow motion, gorgeous aerials showcasing the beauty of the facility and pickleball action from all levels of play. You can really see the excitement and feel the intense competition. It will make you want to go next year!

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pickleball-christine-mcgrath-gcsg-2016Grand Canyon State Games is a packed tournament every year! Check out this highlight video from LAST year. You’ll see some good technique that you can incorporate into your own game. And if you were there, you just might see yourself on the court! Watch the 2017 Grand Canyon State Games Montage today.

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  1. I seen a cameo of the referezzee stand in your segment today. Why don’t you do a segment on the Referezzee scoring stands with Jim Hackenberg. It seems like a lot of fans love to see them at tournaments, yet they are not used a lot. Why not? Why do fans love them? Why do tournaments not like them? Do they make refing a match easier? Or harder? Maybe if pickleball channel brings this issue to light, more tournaments will use them. It is great. When they are used at large tournaments because a spectator can walk around and see what is happening on every court as the walk by. Let’s see if we can get some feedback going on the pickleball channel.

  2. The video would not play and I don’t see any other info. What are the dates for the Grand Canyon tournament?

    • Hi Bruce! The Grand Canyon State Games for pickleball took place February 21-25, 2018. Sorry the video would not play for you. There are usually a lot of reasons that that happens. Let us know if you need any direction in this area. Thanks for commenting!

  3. We have found Hylands Leg cramp pills to be highly effective and have recommended them to many folks. Just curious if their sales have increased since sponsoring Pickleball Channel!

    PB Channel is doing a great job. Thanks….GC

  4. I go watch these great players here as well. The plus is it’s pretty close by and the event attracts a lot of the big names in Pickleball, both among the men as well as the women. It’s a nice venue, with great weather at this time and well run and managed event. Vendors are on site, very cordial and informative a,ways willing to help you get the equipment you seek.
    Food vendors on premises as well and they offer some free snacks and drinks. It’s one of the few tournaments that does that and the host I believe is responsible for some of these perks for visitors/spectators. Been here two years in a row and it never disappoints. Large crowds yet plenty of viewing areas and seating virtually everywhere.
    With the inexplicable super popularity the sport is enjoying you can see the effort in in synch because the organizers USAPA and staff are really doing a bang up job. Lots of volunteers for line judges and referee/umpires seem to come out of nowhere when needed. That’s how much everyone loves this sport and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure it runs smoothly. Cheers!

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