There was so much action that happened at the 2018 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships that it was hard for us to keep up!  Here are SIX MORE MATCHES and FOUR PRO GOLD MEDAL WINNING TIPS that were available LIVE during the event but we are bringing you now in case you missed them or want to watch them again.

There is something for everyone on this list! Watch and listen to guest commentary from other pro pickleball players who really help you see the skills happening right in front of you. There are some pretty intense moments in all of these matches as the ball is volleyed rapid-fire across the net!

Make sure you watch them all and witness great matches at different levels and ages then hear from the gold medalists to see what helped them succeed. Watch them all today and then get out there and play yourself.


Mixed Doubles 19+ – Kyle Yates/Rachel Elliott vs Joey Farias/Catherine Parenteau with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Stephanie Lane

Mixed Doubles 60+ – Tyler Sheffield/Roxanne Pierce vs Larry Moon/ Helle Sparre with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Steve Paranto

Mixed Doubles 25+ – Matt Wright/Lucy Kovalova vs Tyson McGuffin/ Sarah Ansboury with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Steve Paranto

Women’s Doubles 50+ – Alex Hamner/Jennifer Lucore vs Jennifer Dawson/Cammy MacGregor with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Andy Gensch

Men’s Doubles 55+ – Scott Moore / Del Kauss vs Dan Curry / Barry Waddell with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Dave Weinbach

Men’s Doubles 25+ – Matt Wright / Dave Weinbach vs Morgan Evans / Tyson McGuffin with Guest Commentary by Rusty Howes & Rob Cassidy


INTERVIEW – PRO Women’s Singles Gold – Simone Jardim

INTERVIEW – PRO Men’s Singles Gold – Tyson McGuffin

INTERVIEW – PRO Men’s SENIOR Singles Gold – Scott Moore

INTERVIEW – PRO Women’s SENIOR Singles Gold -Cammy MacGregor

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