Scott Moore & Del Kauss meet Dan Curry & Barry Waddell on the Zing Zang Championship court at the 2018 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, FL. Watch with commentary from Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel and pro pickleball player Dave Weinbach as they break down the skills in this match. Definitely watch and share this one today!

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hqdefault2Check out the Pro Women’s Singles gold medal match from US Open this year! Simone Jardim and Lucy Kovalova vie for the gold medal in the Women’s Singles Pro Gold medal match at the 2018 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships.This game is a great display of smart pickleball, and it includes commentary by Pickleball Channel’s Rusty Howes and his guest, pro pickleball player Alex Hamner. Alex points out examples in the game of great strategic pickleball including mixing up your game and not giving your opponent what they want so that you can be the one controlling all the points. It’s a great learning opportunity as well as a compelling pickleball game!

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  1. Hello, I have watched the match between Scott Moore-Del Kauss vs Dan Curry-Barry Waddell Minto US Open 2018. The part of the match when ref called NVZ foot fault was an obvious mistake by the ref. Ball clearly bounced before the hit by Curry or Waddell. Had Moore-Kauss gone to the ref and concurred that the ball bounced could that have caused the ref to change the call? Thanks.

  2. A better question might be: If opponents know that referee makes wrong call could they go to the ref and concede the point (or replay point) as in the Moore – Kauss situation due to the fact that Kauss hit the ball in the net after Barry returned the ball off the bounce? It would have been side out for Curry – Waddell 8-9. The call is right at the 14 minute segment of the match. Thank you.

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