Slow Down the Game From Anywhere on the Court | Pickleball Quick Tip

Control your game with this Pickleball Quick Tip! Hear from pro pickleball player and instructor, Marcin Rozpedski, as he gives valuable instruction on how to stay in control by slowing down the game from anywhere on the court. From the lob to the dink, Marcin lists helpful shots to use to make sure you’re the one controlling the point!

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hqdefault3Here’s another great Pickleball Quick Tip from Marcin!  Hear first hand a simple trick he uses to get to the ball faster. It’s easy and any level player can improve their game immediately by implementing this quick tip. Watch Simple Trick the Pros Use to Increase Their Speed on the Court today!

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  1. Elaine Hass says:

    Hi! Please do a video on how to take the heat off a shot which is banged at you. I want to soften that shot! Keep up the great work- much appreciated! E Hass

  2. Darren Tillson says:

    Sent this topic to Rusty sometime back, would like to see a tip no what the pro’s do when returning a lob. Are they thinking about resetting the point, treat it like a 3rd shot, power, lob it back, where to place the return, middle or ??.

  3. Nancy says:

    Question on how to get my partner to get to the net after the 2nd ball bounce…. we lose so many games due to his stubborness on getting to the net quickly….drives me crazy!!!!
    I was told in order to win you have to rush to the net after the 2nd ball bounces.
    Thank you,

  4. Michael Taylor says:

    I often play a couple of guys who stay back and persistently, and accurately, lob. I’ve tried bringing them to the net with drop shops but they also lob brilliantly from the kitchen. How should I combat this tactic?

  5. Georgi says:

    Please advise: In recreational play what do you do when you have a partner who doesn’t play well or in a tournament play you and your partner play in opposite styles?

  6. DiaNE Michaud says:

    How to avoid playing tennis …..when playing pickle ball???

  7. Janet Applegate says:

    How do we deal with players that hit the ball hard with a lot of spin?

  8. Sharlene Cole says:

    How to keep the ball LOW TO THE NET and FEEL how I have to hold my paddle Flat instead of tipping it up all the time. How can I practice it?

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