• Kickin’ It Old School – Playing Pickleball on the First Court

    Ever wonder what it was like for the very first pickleball players to play the game? Rusty from Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to get the chance to find out! Watch this short highlight video as Rusty plays our favorite game on the original pickleball court with vintage wooden paddles made by hand in the early 1970’s.  Rusty is lucky […]

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  • The Original Pickleball Court: A Virtual Visit with Fun Facts

    Most people will never get a chance to visit the birthplace of the sport, but this week Pickleball Channel brings you an exclusive look at the original pickleball court in Bainbridge Island. This is the place where it all began! On this court in 1965 the game of pickleball was born. Over the years, players of all ages have enjoyed […]

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  • Origins of the Modern Paddle

    How did the pickleball paddle evolve from wood to the lighter paddle most people use today? It all started with a competitive pickleball player who was tired of losing! As part of Pickleball History month, Pickleball Channel takes a look at the very first light-weight paddle made out of composite material. Hear from Arlen Paranto and his son, pickleball champion […]

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