• Pickleball for All Generations!

    Have you introduced pickleball to people of other ages around you yet?  Pickleball is such an awesome sport because it is so inclusive of players of all ages.  Check out these two teams who show us how amazing pickleball is.  Can you think of another sport that you could share with a grandparent or grandchild?  And even compete together?  It […]

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  • Pickleball 411 – Stacking

    Have you heard about stacking?  Many of our subscribers have asked about this topic and how to use it during a game of pickleball.  We were fortunate enough to get some help from Dave Weinbach and Justin Rodgers who use stacking frequently as a strategy to be a stronger doubles team. Stacking is not necessarily for beginners, but this week’s […]

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  • Destination Pickleball – Kingsport, TN

    Traveling through Tennessee this summer?  Well, you’ll want to stop in Kingsport to check out the pickleball and the surrounding beauty!  Watch this quick video highlighting all that is available in Kingsport, Tennessee then pack your bags, your pickleball paddle and head out to this gorgeous spot of country! You can click on the SUBSCRIBE HERE button to subscribe for […]

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