• Improve Your First Three Shots in Pickleball | Skills and Drills

    The first three shots in a pickleball match can set you up to win if done well. Watch this video to see how this simple drill can really help you understand what to do for each of the three shots that start the game – the serve, the return of serve and the third shot drop. It’s a fun game […]

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  • The Most Complete Non-Volley Zone Video EVER – Pickleball 411

    Ever heard someone disagree about a non-volley zone foot fault? Look no further! This fun video is the most complete non-volley zone rule video ever! Packed full of information, it is a one-stop shop for you to have all your questions answered and learn more about the multi-faceted non-volley zone rule in pickleball. Hear from pickleball champions Alex Hamner and […]

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  • Intense 4-Game Gold Medal Match at Grand Canyon State Games 2018

    What a spectacular display of women’s pickleball! Check out Stephanie Lane and Vivian Edwards as they take on Cammy MacGregor and Jennifer Dawson in the Women’s 5.0 Skill Doubles 50+ Gold Medal Match at Grand Canyon State Games last month. This match-up went to three games plus a FOURTH TIE-BREAKER GAME that showcased these four amazing pickleball players. The score […]

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