• Three Myths About Being in the Kitchen | Pickleball 411

    Check out this hilarious video we created to answer the most frequent questions we’ve gotten about the kitchen.  At some point every pickleball player has had to clarify the unique rules that surround the non-volley zone, or kitchen.  Watch Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore, two top pickleball pros, and Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel, demonstrate in a fun and fanciful […]

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  • Slow Down the Game From Anywhere on the Court | Pickleball Quick Tip

    Control your game with this Pickleball Quick Tip! Hear from pro pickleball player and instructor, Marcin Rozpedski, as he gives valuable instruction on how to stay in control by slowing down the game from anywhere on the court. From the lob to the dink, Marcin lists helpful shots to use to make sure you’re the one controlling the point! ========= WATCH […]

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  • Mixed Doubles 65+ 5.0 Gold Medal Match from USAPA Nationals 2017

    Every year the competition at USAPA Nationals gets even more fierce! Check out one of those competitions in this high energy gold medal battle between dynamic married duo Yvonne & Jim Hackenberg as they take on top 5.0 players Mark Friedenberg and Marsha Freso. It’s a pretty fast and furious match-up including long rallies and a parade of overhead smashes […]

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