• One Life, One Flag, One Mile

    As we at Pickleball Channel have traveled the country meeting the amazing pickleball community, we have been struck by how friendly, kind and welcoming you all are.  We have seen people from all walks of life, different ages with different backgrounds express this amazing community spirit. In short, pickleball players are good people. Monday is Memorial Day and realizing so […]

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  • Pickleball 411: Improve Your Game with the Soft Return

    What’s an easy shot to learn that can improve your game tremendously? It’s the soft return! In this episode of Pickleball 411 we are fortunate to have 5.0 players Bob Youngren and Gail Dacey talk about the benefits of the soft return.  They discuss what it is, why it’s important, and how you can improve your technique. Great for beginning […]

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  • Gear Talk: Pickleball Hopper and Catcher with Beverly Youngren

    Have you ever had a piece of pickleball equipment that you loved?!  The gear you use can make a big difference! It might make practicing easier or playing smoother, but ultimately, your pickleball equipment can further your game. In this GEAR TALK video, Bev Youngren tells us about two handy pickleball accessories which she uses for practice and teaching – […]

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