• SoCal Summer Classic 2015

    With over 230 participants, the SoCal Summer Classic this year was a blast!  Held yearly at Oceanside, CA, the SoCal Summer Classic is one of the top pickleball competitions in the country – and Pickleball Channel was excited to be a part of it! There were no easy first round matches here – over 80% of the players were ranked […]

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  • Pickleball 411: How Timeouts Can Help You Win

    It’s summertime, and that means pickleball tournaments!  Did you know that you can use timeouts strategically to give you an edge?  Timeouts can not only give you a moment to refresh yourself, they can also be a time to refocus, strategize and move the momentum of the game in your favor. In this episode of Pickleball 411, learn more about […]

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  • Pickleball Reffing – Improve Your Game While Giving Back

    Have you ever considered being a pickleball referee? I bet you didn’t know that being a referee is easy to learn and allows you to give back to the sport while improving your own game. In this latest video from Pickleball Channel, hear from pickleball referees Linda Hoggatt, Bob Barczak, Mitch Fitzhugh and Byron Freso about why they like reffing, […]

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