This week we are going back to the basics and going over the ABC’s of pickleball. In this quick tip, pickleball instructor Lon Krantz teaches us an easy to remember tool that he uses to get his students using their brain on the court, not just their brawn.

A – Anticipate

After you hit a shot, you don’t get a little mini break before the ball comes back at you. There is work to do! You should be training to anticipate how the opponent will be sending the ball back to you. Watch as their paddle strikes the ball and use that time to anticipate where you need to be.

B – Get Behind the Ball

That brings us to B. Once you have anticipated your opponent’s next move, it’s time for you to physically move into place. This way you will be prepared and in position to have a high quality return.

C – Contact in Front

Once you’ve moved yourself into position, you will now be ready to make a good solid hit on the ball. To do that you will want to make contact in front of your body. That’s the sweet spot for getting good control and power out of your swing.

Check out this week’s video and get back to the basics with Lon Krantz, and as always…Keep on Playing.

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