This week on Pickleball Channel we have another quick video to get a conversation going…all about paddles!  Watch our quick interviews of some pickleball players and see the paddle choices they made for the largest growing sport in the nation.  Then add to the conversation and make some comments below so we can educate each other!

And for your convenience here is a list of  the pickleball paddle manufacturers we could find.  If you know of another, please add their link to the comments below.  Thanks!

(In alphabetical order)

Engage Pickleball

Gamma Pickleball

Harrow Sports

Manta World Sport

Onix Sports

PAC Pickleball Paddles


Performance One Paddles

Pickle Pro

Pickleball Now

Pickleball, Inc.

Pro-Lite Sports

Selkirk Sports



ZZT Sports


  1. Stan Miller-Nielsen

    I like Paddle Tec because it has the largest sweet spot of the paddles I’ve used. It is also one of the quietest paddles since noise can be an issue in some parks. I also think all pickleball players should use the quietest paddles they can find so that noise is not an issue anywhere they want to play.

    • Thanks for your comment Stan. And thank you for your support of Pickleball Channel and helping to keep the conversation and learning going.

    • Thank you, Stan! Paddletek is very concerned with the noise generated and produces paddles that are on the “safe” list in noise studies.
      Thank you for noticing the large sweet spot area in our paddles! We have researched and developed a long lasting paddle that plays unlike any other. Enjoy!!

  2. Virginia Troester

    I own and have used the Pro-lite and ZZT paddles but now play with the Graphite Phantom Wide Body Paddle from onix sports and like that the best.

    • hey Virginia! Hope all is well there….I love my ZZT paddle for many reasons…it’s heavier and takes a licking and keeps on ticking : )

      • Hey marya, I met the guy that makes the ZZTs in Surprise, AZ. I believe his name is Spike and he showed me a variety of the newer ZZT paddles. They’re gray to black in color w/ varying shapes and I think a shifted larger sweet spot. I assume yours is white or off white like mine. It gets me more aces on my spin serves than the two others I own currently. Good bang for the buck, I think.

    • I use the ZZT Evo II and added my own graphics that does not alter the hit. That is regardless of whether I hit it flat, top spin or slice (backspin/side spin) and so on.
      My two other paddles are the Selkirk 2000 P/L (blue) and the Z5 wide body from Onix Sports. Overall I like the Selkirk especially for outdoors. The Z5 has a noisier hit but carries a bit farther, I find.
      Even though the Evo II is cheaper I can do more with it indoors. It’s great for power and spins and I’ve learned to control it better outdoors. My next one is probably going to be a Paddletek or the Evoke from Onix. I tried the Pop elongated paddle and its curiously interesting especially on the volleys.

  3. carries affordable paddles. We purchased to T 200 paddles as we are just learning how to play we taught our daughter and then ordered her and her boyfriend R1 paddles from pickle the reason we chose those paddles was for the affordability as you can get two paddles for about what you pay for one paddle and just starting out we thought it was a great investment

  4. Manta world sport was only a squash company until recently when they decided to start manufacturing pickleball paddles. There is a whole list of what’s available on-line and most are USAPA approved. They have distributors in Canada and the US…feel free to take a peek at what’s available and add us to your list if you would like…thank you

    Elya @

  5. Have used a Galaxy Aluminum core no-edge paddle for a long time but just switched to a Vortex 2.0 with a custom grip and red edge lining. Softer feel and a larger sweet spot.

  6. Just bought a Phantom from Steve Wongs store….luv it ,good power and accurate at the net….,it’s light too !

  7. I use the Z5 Graphite, I like the weight and feel of this model. It provides me with a little better touch on the ball as opposed to my Z5 Composite.

  8. Christina Dorman

    I have played with the Pro-Lite Blaster and have been completely in love with it. BUT… I just tried the Phantom Wide Body Graphite and I’m head over heals! LOVE IT!

  9. Pro-Lite Sports offers a wide variety of models in a selection of weights, construction, face size, handle length, and playability. Everyone certainly has a preference in paddles. Take a look:

  10. I have played with the Onix Z5 for several years and tried their new GRAPHITE PHANTOM WIDEBODY (ALUMINUM). The core is honeycomb aluminum for durability and the skin is graphite for the “touch” and feel. I like the combination and it turns out it is a quieter paddle than most.

  11. Zzt sports “hammer” for doubles play. And zzt sports “pro” for singles play.
    The way these paddles are constrcted I can swing softer to have better muscle control and yet the paddle still responds. And they last. Both paddles sti ll hit the sam after a full year of use and abuse. Definately has elevated my game

  12. I use the paddletek element, its quite lite and has plenty of power,also very little noise,i will get another it

  13. I use the Graphite Zen paddle by Onix……literally changed my game play. Great control. Quiet play.

  14. Harriet Berks Kalin.

    Reality is: it’s not the paddle , it’s the paddler. Think about it. Harriet Berks Kalin

  15. I purchased the ZZT Sports Contour over a year ago. Extremely well made and appears to be almost indestructible. Our club (200 members) have purchased a lot of the ZZT paddles, and I would guess it is now the no.1 paddle at our club. I think the ZZT paddles are one of the best values in the market place.

  16. Over the 4 years that I’ve been playing, I’ve used 4 different brand paddles with my current paddle (HyperLite, aluminum/fiberglass) being the one I’ve settled on. I wanted to purchase a second identical one so that I’d have two the same for tournament play, but I just learned that they have been discontinued. Well, SHUCKS.

  17. The T200 is light weight and packs a lot of power. Since it is light, you have good control at the net on the dink shots, and when you hit the sweet spot, the power is amazinag. No edge guard to get in the way which also keeps it lighter. I can get two for the price of one of most others. Completely manufactured in the USA yet sold in Canada and the UK as well as here in the US.

  18. I have used several paddles – Z5 graphite, Attack, Onix Signature, and now my favorite, the Onix Phantom. I feel that I am able to hit better dink shots with this paddle, plus it has great power as well.

  19. I have 4 ZZT paddles..2 for my wife and 2 for me. Spike,the owner of ZZT custom made the 2 that I use at 9 by 15 inches.I think they are the best paddles for me after having tried about 6 other ones. I am 74 yrs old and play at a 3.5 level and love the game.

  20. I use the Attack by
    In the end the player makes the plays.
    Find a paddle that feels right for you, and have fun

  21. i may discontinue watching ur channel…no closed caption on U tube

    • Hi Jody,
      If you would please reply that you got this. Actually it would probably be best to email me directly. All of the other videos have been captioned. Are you able to see those? We have had replies from other hearing impaired folks that they are able watch them with captions. In addition, to clarify, we are a small team and not able to have the videos caption and released simultaneously at this point. The process is to upload and release new content on Fridays and then within a few days get the videos captioned. Please feel free to email me with any questions or clarification. Rusty

  22. My husband, Brian designs and builds all the POP paddles. He currently has 16 different models! I have always been a fan of the XL The paddle measures 6 1/2 wide by 17 1/2 long . Comes in Graphite & Aluminum surfaces with the nomex honeycomb core. I am playing with his newest model of XL which is an aluminum 5.0. It has great power and with its extra length holds the ball on the paddle longer. I have had great success with it!!

  23. I use the slammer graphite paddle, love the feel and the handle is just my size.

  24. Being basically a new player, I would like some advice as to how long one should continue to play with the same paddle. Are there some things one should notice/look for to determine if a new paddle is warranted. Thanks.

    • Hi Greg, that’s a great question. What paddle do you currently use and how long have you had it? If you would also please clarify if you are wondering about wear and tear of a paddle or about your play skill advancing and needing a new paddle for different play style? Thanks.

    • Greg, Paddletek pickleball paddles came about from research into a longer lasting paddle with no dead spots. You can tell if your paddle is “dead” by knocking on the paddle near the handle. The sound is different than in the middle of the paddle. If any place on the paddle sounds different it is dead and should be replaced. Paddletek is currently the only pickleball paddle company that offers a one year warranty on construction and a guarantee of no dead spots for 5 years.

  25. Great video and discussion! I use the Pro-lite Impact for the great consistent power and feel, with a graphite face there are no dead spots. I also really like the Onix Zen paddle for the same reasons. In Indoor play I use the Pickleball inc Legacy paddle especially when playing against “bangers”. This paddle allows me to drop shop many of their blasts and make them come to the net where we get into a “dink off” which is one of my strengths. This paddle is not graphite so there is not a lot of pop and power when I am dropping the ball over the net as they blast it at me. The best suggestion I have is to visit Valenti Sports in Rochester NY to try out any of our 30 different paddles and 60 style of tennis shoes on our indoor our outdoor courts. Here is a link to our two purple and blue courts

  26. Excellent topic. There are so many excellent paddles out there to use and all have good merit. I have always been a Pro-Lite user, and the Magnum Graphite Stealth gives me the balance of power and touch that I enjoy on the pickleball court. Check out Pro Lite Sports if you are interested in their gear – you can find a great paddle to use there!

  27. I own and play with 3 different paddles and I love them all. The Paddletek is about an 8.3 oz paddle and I use it for outdoor play especially when I am experiencing a strong headwind. I also own and use an Onix Storm Composite that also allows me to hit with power indoors and it gives me just enough touch when hitting softer shots. I have a Pro-Lite Blaster that gives we lots of touch.

  28. Jonathon Lansink

    I have been using wooden paddles, but just today I ordered a “Pickleball Pro Classic”. It’s made of composite material, and weighs 9.7 ounces. I’ll have to report back after I receive it and use it for a while.

    • I’ve been playing with the paddle (The PicklePro Classic) for several months now, and enjoy it quite a bit. It does make a different sound than any other decent paddle out there. Most paddles make a “pop”, while this sound is closer to a “thud”, and is significantly loud. After you get used to that it’s got a very consistent feel. I do suggest getting the borderless one, “barricade” I believe. The rubber covers quite a bit of the edge and often times ruins really easy volleys. The grip feels really nice, I will admit I do wish it was a bit longer for smashes and such.
      At my first tournament, there were a few people really intrigued with my paddle, because of its different sound and feel. I like it now just because it’s different 😛

  29. I have tried out many paddles. For speed at the net I feel that the Pro-lite Impact is the best all around. For doubles, I need extra power and prefer their Power model which is slightly heavier.For beginners I highly recommend Pro-lite’s classic model. It is a good, all around paddle which I first began my playing with and won the Wyoming and Colorado singles/doubles with. Try all the models out and find the one you are most comfortable with. As the marksmanship saying goes “It’s the Indian, not the arrow.”

  30. Oops. in previous comment I meant to put “for SINGLES, I need extra power…..”

  31. I use the Slammer Graphite from S Type Sports. I noticed it’s not on your list. Love the Pickleball channel. Keep the videos coming.

    • Thanks for commenting Guy, and thanks for the encouragement. We are glad you like Pickleball Channel. Wanted to let you know that in 2013 S-Type Sports changed their name to Onix Sports. Steve Wong is still the President. You can find more about them here. Have a great day and thanks again.

  32. Two paddles to check out. One is The Sweet Spot MAX | Endorsed by Coach Mo. Huge hitting surface, with great power and control. It may be heavy for some players (9 oz.)… but, it’s my paddle of choice. Another is the Nexus Alloy. It has a large hitting surface with an edgeless rim. Both paddles are only available at

  33. ZEN Pickleball Paddle new one from Steve Wong

  34. I started play with a paddletek. It was too heavy (8.5 ounce) and active for my beginning play. I then purchased the edge. It was lighter and I was able to control the ball better as well as me being quicker and getting to more balls because of the lighter weight. I won my first two tournaments with the edge. That being said, the edge quality is horrible. Within the first 2 weeks of play the rubber edging came off. We re-glued it and it still came off, we ended up sending it back, but it still is not adhering to the paddle. Will not buy another one. I have since bought a Z5 from Onix and won medals with this paddle. I love paddleteks quality and am waiting for them to make a lighter paddle. I like playing with a 7.4 ounce paddle and haven’t been able to find a paddletek with this weight. I may give the onix phantom a try as people here have said some good things about this paddle.

  35. I love all my Paddletek paddles but want to know when they will come out with a smaller handle for those of us with small hands.

    • Lynne,
      It is not hard to customize your paddle’s grip to suit you better. I bet a tennis repair shop might be able to help you if you don’t have access to a friend with some tools. Super easy tinkering.

  36. malin stakston

    A little over a year go I purchased THE manta liberty pickleball paddle-The center of which ia disintegrating-I Hve talked to three other players who have experienced the same problem. MANTA will not stand behind their product-Do not buy their products.

  37. Pro lite enforcer I like it and comfort with it. Now thinking to buy the paddle with edge less guard. Good?

  38. Anyone use a wilson rimless? I use a z5 and like it a lot

  39. The Harrow Icon and Harrow Torch are exciting models that are brand new but have really been hot lately. Harrow and Wilson are not listed in your manufacturer list above but both have terrific playing new graphite models. Wilson has just launched three new models available for purchase now. Here’s a little info about them if you haven’t heard of them yet. The Harrow Torch and Icon are both rimless and medium to heavy in weight for a solid feel and great responsiveness. Wilson models are the Tour BLX, Wilson Surge and Wilson Energy. Two have traditional full bumpers for a bit of added head weight and the Surge is rimless for a more head light feel in the hand and more maneuverability. All three play well and offer accuracy of ball placement with graphite composition. For more info, you can view these specific models on our site or in our store in Rochester, New York.

  40. Selkirk Sport is a new premium pickleball manufacturer with a fresh new look.

  41. My wife and I are new to Pickleball. While visiting friends in Deep Canyon Resort in Palm Desert, we noticed a great deal of players using ZZT EVO II paddles. WE purchased our own. They are great. Light weight. And reasonably priced. $38.00 ea. The question is what ball is better or worse to use outdoors? What is the difference between in and outdoor balls? New but loving the sport. Wish there were more places to play. Live in Granada Hills, CA.

  42. I started playing pickleball with a wood paddle provided by the venue where I was playing. After a couple months I purchased an Onix Storm. The difference was amazing. However, within and couple of months it developed a dead spot. I then purchased a ZZT Fuzion Pro. It was heavier and had a much larger sweet spot. I played with it indoors all of last winter with good success. This spring, when I switched to outdoor play, I noticed I was over hitting serves and returns and eventually switched to a Onix Phantom. The Phantom has a comparable sweet spot to the Fuzion Pro and is lighter, making it better for outdoor play. The Phantom also has great touch. Since both the ZZT and the Phantom have aluminum cores, this seems to be the reason. Both the Phantom and the ZZT definitely play better than the Storm. By the way, I eventually contacted Onix about the Storm and, without quibbling they repaired it for nothing.

  43. I have been playing for about 5 years. My first paddle is still my favorite, Pro-Lite Magnum Graphite Stealth. I am a big guy with a real power swing, but also am really good at placing the ball where I aim with lots of spin control. Since my paddle is 5 years old (it held up excellent and I still use it) I thought it was time to try a new paddle. Went with Pickle-ball Ink and tried two of their new aluminium paddles. Great people who really care about your needs and the game, btw. In short, I am going to order another Magnum from Pro-Lite. For power, touch, control and durability, it cannot be touched.

    The paddle will help your game more as you develop your skills. What you love in the beginning will not necessarily be what you will want to play with as you progress. Finding what type of player and type of skill you have will determine what kind of paddle you will need. Buy a paddle that feels good in your hand, allows you to feel like you have some control and then just go and play!

  44. Great discussion here. There are many paddle attributes to consider when purchasing a paddle: weight, grip type, length, design, and edgeless or edge guard. One of the most common attributes folks ask about is paddle weight. A light weight paddle may be easier to hold but some power is probably sacrificed. One of the lightest paddles is the slammer graphite ranging from 6.0-7.0 ounces. The Z5 Graphite paddle by onix sports is one of the most popular paddles. It has a larger hitting surface than other paddles which provides a feel similar to a tennis racket. What if you are missing shots because you can’t reach the return? The Impact paddle by pro lite would be a good fit for you at 15& 3/4 inches it is almost an inch longer than other paddles. All of these paddles can be found at

  45. Had a Wilson rimless, but gave it up due to the light wt (6.7).
    Looking at Fuzion Pro now.

  46. I love love love! my ZZT Sports paddles. I love their customer service. I use to use paddles with those nomex cores, but then I found the aluminum cores. The nomex cores would fall apart and I got tired of buying a new paddle every 6 months. I found ZZT Sports through a friend, she made me play with her paddle because mine would drop the ball. I played with her Evo I and loved it! I’ve had one of their paddles now for years. I called and tried to order a new one because I thought my first paddle was wore out, but Amanda at ZZT Sports told me to just send it to them and they would do a tune up on it. They did and did it for free! I was so excited when I got my paddle back and realized, it was the best $40 bucks I have ever spent! I have one of each of their paddles now. They are the best kept secret and I notice I have the advantage on the courts. I play with my Fuzion Pro most of the time. I seem to be able to focus on the ball better using my Pro or Evo I.

  47. Can I use two paddles, one in each hand, to play pickle ball ??

  48. Not surprisingly, I play with my Pickleball Guru Signature Paddle, but the reason I am posting is because I thought readers here might want some more specifics regarding the different paddle options for weight, length, power vs. control, and how to test a paddle out, all of which is included in my article “How to Pick the Right Pickleball Paddle” which can be accessed by going to:

  49. I’ve got a ZZT Evo II, a blue Selkirk and a wide body Z5. Like them all for different reasons. Surprised by the bang for the buck of the ZZT, because it plays as well as the other two.

  50. Have you checked out the Engage Encore? It’s making quite a stir around the pickleball world as the best paddle for spin.

  51. I use the Paddletek Power Play Pro and have uses for quite while now, however, I am thinking of using the Selkirk Omni 31P XO just to see what longer and lighter paddle is like. Both are great companies and I cannot suggest them enough.

  52. We are big fans of the latest Black Diamond Series by the folks at Pro Lite! The Titan Pro and SuperNova are outstanding new paddles using outstanding new paddle tech.

  53. Lately I’ve been playing with the new Gamma Sports Voltage 2.0, but it’s hard to choose with so many great new pickelball paddles on the market. You may find our site useful, we have paddle buyer guides as well as pickleball paddle reviews

  54. Anyone use a wilson rimless? I use a z5 and like it a lot
    I have also written a pickleball paddle buyer guide you can see here:

  55. Wow lot of good information here. I did wanted to ask if any one had used a ergo grip paddle pickleball paddle? We have few readers that are interested in knowing more about the product. We have only focused more on the racquet style grip and haven’t had chance to use them yet.

    Wanted to make a list of the best pickleball paddle just with Ergo grip but only found one company that sells them (paddle boards). Any other recommendations??

  56. From my experience, Gamma is the best pickleball paddle to use
    More here

  57. Hi, From my personal interest I was finding a channel which has pickleball related information.Finally, I have got you.I have watched your channel because I love pickleball paddle but I am very confused that which is one best for me as a basic level beginner.please any suggestion from you for selecting my paddle. Thanks in advanced

  58. Great question and awesome to see so many active pickleball players with different opinions on what they like best. I like the Onix Z1.

  59. I have a few paddles, One is onix z5, Voltage 2.0 and pro rebel. Among all these I like the pro revel. I feel more comfortable to play with these.

  60. Great questionaire love the best paddle you have said. I personally use Onix Graphite Z5 paddles which i love the most the best post which reviewed z5 is

  61. A great video about paddles. I do have some good paddle like z5 and react. I have a personal blog on pickleball :

  62. If are an aggressive player that likes to attack the ball, then you’ll like thinner polymer core paddles. If you prefer control over power, then you’ll like thicker 16mm polymer core paddles. If you want something in the middle, then you’ll like polymer core paddles at or around 14 mm thick

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