In this episode of Pickleball 411, four-time USAPA Nationals Gold Medalists, Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore (with a little help from Bob Youngren) demonstrate how they warm up for a tournament or regular game play.  You will get to see the unique exercises that they do to prepare their bodies to play as well as connect as doubles partners before they head to the court.  There is great info here!

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  1. From time to time I play with a partner who seems to feel that he is playing solo. He frequently jumps in front of me make a shot (sometimes a winner / sometimes not) when I am in good position to do so myself. Any suggestion how I can politely remind him that we are playing double.

    • I was a poacher in my earlier days. One time when I missed the shot, my experienced partner (whom I had never played with before( simply said “If you are going to poach, you have to get the point”. I wasn’t sure exactly what poaching meant, so I looked it up, understood his comment, and now I seldom poach.

  2. Great video on pre-game warm-up. I like Bob Youngren’s the best: way to work those glutes!

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