With a historic new Pro category, the inaugural Minto US Open Pickleball Championships set the bar high! Today we’d like to share the first ever full-length Pro Medal Match. Check out this battle with Christine Barksdale and Catherine Parenteau against Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner for the Bronze medal in the Pro Women’s Doubles category. These four ladies fight hard with some amazing rallies that seem to go on forever, and the score is dangerously close the entire time.  Watch it now!

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hqdefault3The US Open Pickleball Championships was an exciting tournament with top notch facilities. Check out this video of the facilities, complete with breath-taking aerial footage and a private view into the Zing Zang Championship court.  Watch this Exclusive Look at the US Open Pickleball Championships Complex today!


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  1. Beautifully done – and Thank You Pickleball Channel! This match is an absolute inspiration, and YAY for pickleball everywhere. It’s amazing how much the sport has grown in the last three years…

  2. Great match marred by the call at 3:30.. The “Around-the-post” shot was called side out, but failed to land inside the court.

    • Unfortunately, the around the post shot wasn’t the one called out – it was the shot Jen hit just prior that was called out causing the side-out. Thanks for watching!!

  3. What a great match. So inspiring to watch Alex and Jennifer. Really appreciate having such great videos to watch.

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