This week on Pickleball Channel we have a real treat for you all! Our friend, Byron Freso, demonstrates the unique backhand serve.  Many of you in the past have asked for a video showing exactly how you serve with a backhand and we were fortunate enough to find Byron at the Huntsman World Senior Games who has it mastered.  Byron will impress you with his carefully placed backhand serve as you watch it with our specialized slow motion cameras!  Check out how the ball curves!  Some players have even found this serve useful if they are suffering with shoulder problems or struggling with their regular serve.  And this serve meets all the rule requirements of a serve in pickleball, which we’ve noted for easy viewing.  Watch now clicking above and add something new to your game!

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  1. Great video, thanks for all you do to promote pickleball and educate!!!

  2. Hi,
    I heard Alex Hamner say she puts backspin on serves by hitting “through” the ball. That doesn’t quite do it for me. I’d like to see how to back-spin an underhand serve.


  3. How to return a low screaming shot?

  4. Coach Russell E - Tampa

    Love it!!! I enjoy using a backhand serve but players often question the motion. This video explains it perfectly! Thanks Byron. You da Man!!!

  5. Very well done. Looking forward to adding this to my game.

  6. Topics to cover:
    1. Top spin serve from a low position, deep & short.
    2. Top spin serve from a side position, deep & short.
    3. Slice serve from this side position, deep & short.
    4. Using the exact same serve, how to hit serves to targets left & right in the target box.
    5. How to hit running volleys.
    6. Overhead snap smash shots.

  7. Would like some videos showing the rules of the game. Visuals.

  8. I love that! That is the only way I used to serve in ping pong, but have never tried it in Pickleball. Love the spin. Tomorrow is the day!

  9. Can you do a video on how and when to lob?

  10. Request to see a slow motion of a fast serve that is 1) top spin only, and 2) top spin + side spin. Thanks!

  11. Byron, thanks for the awesome video.
    I am planning to put this into practice.
    I will also refer to this when I hold referee training sessions.
    And a huge ty to the Pickleball Channel.
    Ron O.

  12. Its true Coach Mo is going on the road and doing clinics look him up on awesome teacher of the game!

  13. I would like tips on how to serve (legally) several types of serves that have serious sidespin or backspin. I serve with sidespin and several have questioned the legality. Also why does not Pickleball have a “change ends” rule as in tennis…perhaps at the end of every 6 points? When we play in wind or sun one end or the other can be an advantage or disadvantage.


    Mike Douglas

  14. Great videos on the serve. I’m new to pb but am a life long tennis player. The people I play with mostly just put the ball in play but I like to hit side spin and top spin serves. I’d like to see more video techniques on the top spin serve.

  15. When I first started playing Pickleball in 2015 I did the backhand serve as a changeup. People who saw it had never seen a backhand serve before and called me out on it. When I asked them why, they simply said it was on the wrong side but we’re unable to use the right terminology. I told them it met all the requirements and the only difference was it was a ‘backhand’ serve.
    Apparently they checked on it and came back the next day to tell me what I already had known for years. It was fine… but make sure to keep the contact below the BB. Lol! Hahahaha! It’s still my stringer serve based on spin and success.
    Got it years ago from playing other racket/paddle sports. Cheers!

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