Previously we’ve brought you an extended look at the power serve with Alex Hamner, which included slow motion, and it was a big hit! This week we are sharing with you another look at the power serve with recent gold medalist from the Tournament of Champions, Rob Elliott. Having a variety of serves is important to become a high level player and this is just one example. We were fortunate enough to capture Rob’s power serve while we were shooting in The Villages in Florida and thought it would be a great time to show it to you! Visit now and then let us know what serves you use or want to see by commenting below the video. Remember, this is just one example of a serve. Every player is different and you need to use what works for you.

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  1. Slow motion power serve video (i.e., Rob Elliot) will add fuel to the “legal serves” conversation here at Haverford Place.

  2. I though the head of the paddle had to below the wrist.To me is LOOKES above

  3. Would like to see the third shot in the kitchen. Thanks…Gerry

  4. Like your site very much. As a instructor myself, I find it hard to get my players to understand the backhand overhead. This is one of the most difficult strokes to hit. I think a slow motion video on this would be good.
    Thanks for al you do for our sport….coach John

  5. Love the videos. Great for a new player like myself. I would love to see more video on service return and net play, both with slow motion. Keep up the good work.

  6. Looks awesome to me.
    that is the way pickleball should be played.

  7. I am in line with two previous posts. We have a player in a group that I play with that serves, which seems identical to your post, that is often wondered whether it is legal. There seems to be a very fine line with the paddle head being below the waist. In real time the perception is that it is more illegal than a legal serve but if Robb made it through the tournament with no controversy I guess its accepted. I also would like to see a feature on the overhead backhand. I personally do not have a problem with it. As a matter of fact it is one of my better shots probably derived from my experience (35yrs) playing indoor racquetball. Body position, timing and stroke are key for me. Like the pickleball channel very much and congrats on what you give to the picklball community.

  8. This as well as the other videos are all great. One on the backhand overhead would be interesting as well. The shot itself is not that hard but accurate placement as with all shots is the key.

  9. Great videos. I would love to see the drop shot in slow motion filmed like this power serve video.

  10. Very nice videos. What is the purpose of a hard, fast serve? The slow, loopy arcing serves do just fine.

  11. I paused the video at several spots and confirmed the paddle IS below the wrist and the waist. It is very fast but definitely below. His red wrist band makes the wrist height a little easier to see

  12. I am practicing my angle shot when I serve, because sometimes you can get your opponents feet looking like they are stuck in super glue. LOL

  13. I would love some instruction on the proper return of the serve.

  14. I am with joanne,would like to see return of serve video,lately I have been seeing more low short shots on the return and also most drop shots on the return.What are some thoughts,I tried it and seems to work 50/50.

  15. He has an interesting motion… I would like to see with the server lands as well

  16. I also paused the video, ILLEGAL serve at pause and extreme slow mo. At normal speed and during play the angel would not be noted and would be legal. To clear this up the rules need to say: palm of hand is UP toward the sky pr

  17. Great Serve….Totally legal from what I see. Entire paddle head is below the wrist. Awesome speed and follow through!

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