If you are not planning one, you might be in one.  What are we talking about? Tournaments! Summer is the season for pickleball tournaments and we are excited to share this helpful video that we think can jumpstart your summer tournament planning! So, where do you start when you want to plan a tournament of your own?  In this episode of Pickleball 411, hear from Pickleball Tournaments owners Greg Thompson and Melissa McCurley as they give you some quick tips about how to assemble your team, who to recruit, and the first steps to take to ensure that your tournament is a success!  And even if you are not planning one, it can still give you an inside look on what to expect when attending a tournament. Have fun this summer and register for a tournament or start planning your own today!

Visit PickleballTournaments.com for more information on tournaments and tournament planning.

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  1. In a tournament what are the refs responsible for? Score, foot faults, short serves, and who calls out of bounds?

    In a tourney is it appropriate to have age divisions? What breakdown do you suggest? We have many players over 70 and playing a 50 year old is a bit of a stretc, don’t you think?

    What is the appropriate way to rank players. I’ve seen the form, but if you do it for yourself you might not be too objective. What’s your advice?

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