The USAPA Nationals VII presented by Aetna was a showcase of some of the most impressive singles play we’ve ever seen! The Senior Open Men’s Singles Gold Medal Match was an exciting example of stamina, skill and determination. Pickleball Channel was able to step in and record this amazing match after a rain delay caused some scheduling complications.  Don’t miss this exciting match as Scott Moore squares up against Dan O’Toole to compete for the Gold. If you haven’t watched a singles match before, you will notice an impressive amount of speed and movement across the court. Watch now to see some amazing pickleball!

And watch the Open Men’s Singles match with Daniel Moore vs. Marcin Rozpedski at


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  1. Thank you so much for your coverage! I sure enjoyed watching the Moore’s do their thing! Compliments to Marcin for a gutsy comeback. How very important in singles to have a deep serve, deep return, and close in for the volley. I wish I were 6″ taller to cover the net better!

  2. Can someone explain the scoring. Moore,wins the first two games and the third to 15 goes to the other guy who then is declared the winner. I don’t get it.

  3. I don’t understand the tournament scoring . Rozpedsky only one the game to 15 and lost the first two. How does he get first place?

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