Happy 4th of July!

On this day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the beginning of the United States of America.

Our forefathers were pioneers.  Starting something new.  Today at Pickleball Channel we celebrate people like this.

Take a look again at these trailblazers who are carving a path for pickleball, creating accessibility and bringing attention to the sport for everyone across the country.


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  1. I would like to introduce Peter Sullivan (Peter Pickle) to all. He started a program in my hometown of Reading, Mass. in October 2013. The first session had 6 people – all new. Then, it started to grow and caught a lot of attention. By the winter’s end, we had 3 courts indoors and the numbers were around 50 and growing. Now, we are outside and still going and growing strong. We love the social aspect of the game and it is great exercise without feeling that it would be exercise.

    Please come and interview Peter. It would be a wonderful tribute to a great, dedicated Man!

  2. I am an ambassador from Boston North. I have been an ambassador for about 3 years. I had tried to promote my favorite sport whenever I had the opportunity. Being a tennis player, I have had contacts and thought I could bring the sport quickly to the Boston area. Well three years ago, I had zero success. Then I happened to come upon Peter Sullivan who changed my whole world of pickleball. He has done more for this sport than anyone can imagine. Tireless hours and hours of phone calls, meetings and travelling just to talk about pickleball, demonstrate the game and get it up and running in various towns all over the Boston area. I am so proud and honored to be involved as an ambassador with this pioneer of the game we all love! Kudos to Peter Sullivan, Ambassador for Boston North!!!

  3. Two years ago my partner, Brian Snyder, and I were in Mazatlan and there was no pickleball. So, we went to a local hotel that had tennis courts and spoke tihe the pro about pickleball. She said we could play on one of the tennis courts. We ended up repainting it to pickleball courts and advertised and had 18 players by the end of the season. Since then a couple that started with us has continued each winter and they have quite a few the come out and enjoy the social and exercise of the sport. Thank you to Costa de Oro hotel for giving us the opportunity to bring Pickleball to Mazatlan.

  4. Has anyone found a Pickleball site in Maz in 2016? I am there three months and would love to find a court. I’m just a beginner.

    • Please view USAPA.org in a section called ‘Places to Play’, click on the 3 letter country code ‘MEX’ then look down list to Mazatlan. Bus info at amightyfortress2.blogspot.mx

  5. USAPA’s website has been redesigned. There no longer is a three letter country code. Instead, I suggest typing the word “Mazatlan” into a field that is labeled “Address, City, State or Place Name”.

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