This week on Pickleball Channel we have a Pickleball Quick Tip about your serve.

Today’s quick tip is from Bob Youngren. Bob has taught pickleball to thousands of people, volunteered his own time and has had a great impact on the sport. We were able to spend some time with the popular pickleball player who resides both in North San Diego County and Surprise, AZ and he offered up some great advice some great advice for players of all levels before they serve.

Watch now to learn his tip!

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  1. Hello. Love your tips. We have a small active Pickleball Group. Could you do a video about “foot faults”, specifically on the serve. Thank you.

    • Hi Dee, thanks for watching and suggesting a video on foot faults. Some other folks have mentioned that both with the serve and with the “kitchen” so eventually we will do one. Just curious where are you based out of, where is your “small active group”? Thanks again for subscribing and watching and sharing with others. All the best and keep on playing.

  2. Love your videos—but they’re too short! Would love to see either many more of these shorter tips (I realize it takes time to accumulate more) or longer, more involved videos (loved the highlight on Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner) but preferably both! We want it all! Keep up the good work!

  3. My backhand loses the game all too frequently! Can you do a video on how to hold the paddle for right-handers, why I’m too late connecting with the ball, and how to put more power into the hit?

  4. Wow! This helps a lot I will be wearing these videos out. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for us lovers of PICKLEBALL. GREAT JOB.

    PS: On my bucket list to get autographs and see Jennifer and Alex play, my motivators. There GREAT and so kind to share there knowledge, really grateful to you both. I’D BETTER HURRY already 60 LOL.

  5. Excellent job all around. I particularly liked the slow motion treatment for Alex’x serve; wonderful production values – different angles, reversing the ball back to her, appropriate music.
    Request: Slow motion how to for overhead smashes.


    Tom Gunoe

  6. I would like to see an explination of the correct way to do a backhand serve. I prefer to serve backhand, but frequently get folks that tell me it’s illegal. What do I need to do to convince them it is a legal serve or am I doing something wrong>

  7. I am a very new player in MI, never played tennis. We have no beginners’ group so I play with advanced players who smash the ball hard at my feet. I’m having a hard time hitting those shots. Any advice? Thank you.

    • Hey Linda! Thank you so much for posting! Can you give us more detail geographically? We might be able to help you out. So excited that you are picking up the sport!

  8. Who should call in the no volley zone in non tournament play????
    Email me the answer. Thanks

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