Do you share a court with tennis players? Or are you looking to start pickleball on a court for another sport? Then you’ve got to watch this great Gear Talk episode! Pickleball ambassador John Sloan has found a way to accommodate the needs of both the pickleball and tennis communities at his home court in Las Vegas, NV. By using high quality nets that are durable and easily moved, pickleball players can be on the court playing their favorite game in minutes. Also, after researching some USTA rules, John discovered a way to paint permanent pickleball lines on the tennis courts in an unobtrusive way, creating a cohesive environment that has proven it’s possible to share the court with other sports! Check it out today!

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They can be purchased online at Tennis Court Supply  For more information on the Douglas Heavy-Duty Portable System go to

Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪

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  1. The net said Douglas Quality Sports Net and Equipment.
    Where can we find the system (post, frame) that rolls?
    We are looking for this exact type of mechanism.
    Thank you
    Bill Roehrs
    USAPA Ambassador
    Lincoln, NE

  2. Hi there,
    Can you please tell me where you get these nets as I am in Australia and looking for a good supplier of reasonably prices nets.

    • Hello, Gabi! Thanks for watching the video and I’m glad to try and help you get the equipment you are looking for. Here is a link to the contact webpage for the manufacturer of the net in the video. Perhaps the manufacturer can direct you to a retailer in Australia?
      Douglas Sports

  3. The metal frame around the net looks as though the net height measurements of 34″ in the middle and 36″ on either end would be off due to the thickness of the metal frame. The height measurements are from the ground up to the top of a net. Please clarify.

  4. What about the noise level? This is the main complaint that I see from tennis players. If you both are playing a match side by side, the pickle ball and racquets are load and distracting to the tennis players. Why doesn’t pickle ball use the already 10 or 12 and under lines that are drawn for tennis? It is not so much the lines as the noise level that bothers tennis players.

  5. The video said there was a USATA rule about having other lines on the tennis court. Please tell me where I can find this rule! We are trying to create a multi-use court with one tennis court leaving 3 tennis courts untouched. The tennis players are against sharing the court, no surprise there. I have never seen people waiting to play tennis, but have repeatedly seen people waiting to play pickleball. Again, please tell me how to find the USATA rule about having other lines on the tennis court.

    Thank you for any assistance that you can provide. My email is

    • Hi Bobby! I believe John is referencing the blended line concept that happens when a tennis court is adapted for 10 and under tennis play. The rules would be the same for adding pickleball lines. Here is a link to the USTA rules about adding blended lines to a tennis court for 10 and under play.
      The big thing about adding multi-court (blended) lines on a tennis court is that the court can now only be a practice court and cannot hold any official USTA competitions. So if your community wants to have official competitions on the court there would be resistance to adding blended lines. The main rules to follow when you do add blended lines to have the lines be in the same color family as the court color. If your court is blue, your new blended lines would have to be light blue or dark blue. The tennis lines stay white. Good luck!

  6. Paul,

    We’re establishing a pickleball group at a community with Har-Tru tennis courts. These clay tennis courts were recently resurfaced. We need to line pickleball courts but the tennis company tells us they only have white tape making the PB lines stand out too much. We’ve found a way to line the PB courts around the tennis court (using the tennis service line as one side line) except for the non-volley and service lines. What suggestions do you have for using these tennis courts for pickleball? Kenny

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