MORE FROM U.S. Open Pickleball Championships! This point is amazing because it has almost EVERY KIND OF SHOT you can take in ‪#‎pickleball‬ in this one point! This is Wes Gabrielsen & Alex Hamner vs. Sarah Ansboury & Chris Miller in the Mixed Doubles 30+ Gold Medal Match. Keep watching for the SLOW MOTION that follows. And remember to SUBSCRIBE to Pickleball Channel so you receive all our longer content that will appear EXCLUSIVELY on our website.


  1. hey…i’m new to pickleball, here in NY. someone sent me this site.
    can you help? at 1:41, the girl in the red is in the kitchen BEFORE the ball bounces. I thought that was a “no-no”…I was taught that you can’t go into the kitchen UNTIL the ball bounces…am i wrong?

    • You can be in the kitchen…you just can’t touch the ball (with body or paddle) until it has bounced. Sometimes you have to go into the kitchen to make sure you can return it after it’s bounced. It’s only about not-volleying the ball (hitting it without bouncing) inside the kitchen. You can hit the ball in the air (called a volley) outside of the kitchen after the two bounce rule. Glad you have joined the pickleball family! Lots of great pickleball in New York. If you are near Rochester make sure to check out Valenti Sports.

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