As we at Pickleball Channel have traveled the country meeting the amazing pickleball community, we have been struck by how friendly, kind and welcoming you all are.  We have seen people from all walks of life, different ages with different backgrounds express this amazing community spirit. In short, pickleball players are good people.

Monday is Memorial Day and realizing so many pickleball players have either served in the military or have loved ones who have served, we thought it appropriate to set aside what we normally do and share this inspiring story.

Our good friend, veteran and elite athlete Mike Ehredt, chose to honor the lives of fallen service members in a very special way.  In 2012, he ran a marathon a day, every day, for 81 days.  At each mile he planted a flag to honor the 2,140 US service men and women who had died in Afghanistan. This completed his amazing personal tribute, which began in 2010 called Project America Run, to honor over 6,500 fallen service members.

This Memorial Day we encourage everyone to take a moment and remember everyone who has fought for us.

You can find out more information about both of his journeys at


  1. What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing this video with us. Having had a grandson who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned home safely, I especially appreciate this gesture to recognize those who did not return home.

  2. Mike you are amazing and an inspiration to us all. We’re having a pickleball gathering on Memorial Day. We will decorate with flags and remember our fallen heroes. Freedom is not free. Just ask the loved ones left behind.

  3. Mike you are one supper human, I am so proud to be an american. Thank you so much you made my day. Ken.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video. That was an awesome tribute to those that have put others before themselves having made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m very proud to be an American.

  5. You made smile and cry. My Dad served in the Marines for 30 years and in WWII and Korea. He didn’t live long enough to take an honor flight or see all the memorials erected for those soldiers. What you’ve done means so much to those left behind. Thank you is not enough.

  6. It would have been interesting to follow Mike’s trip in 2012, maybe I was just not aware it was
    happening. Thank you for that tribute to “our fallen”. Many members of my family have served.
    Now all these people along these miles need to get out and vote to save this wonderful country from
    those that want it destroyed. Thank you.

  7. An inspiration to all Americans. Such dedication. Humbles me to see this video. What a journey for the man.

  8. Praise God for all who took part in this great effort! Even those who only stood by the road side to cheer him on. You did good.

  9. My father Warren Wilson Buck served in WWII North Africa and European theaters, then onto 2 tours in the Korean War. My oldest son Vince served in the US Marines in Desert Storm, Kuwait. My 2nd oldest son Sy served in the Army in Europe. My brothers Mike and Jim served in Vietnam. Several great friends of mine served. I could not serve, had a childhood illness that left my left leg mere bones and skin. But I feel a strong connection to all that serve. It truly breaks my heart to think of all our young men who serve and die on foreign lands. Too many. Too many that serve today die in that service, or come home severely wounded – mentally or physically, or both. A saying goes; ‘there’s no such thing as an unwounded soldier’. And I believe this. God Bless and Keep Safely in Your Loving Hands all that Serve. I thank each of you and honor each of you. Don

  10. I am still crying. You are amazing. Thank you for remembering all of the fallen. God Bless You.

  11. Way way tooooo cool…………..thanks for this………….brought tears to my eyes………………God bless America & people like him!

  12. Incredible. What a wonderful way to honor our soldiers. I salute you and hope to run a mile with you along your next journey!

  13. Wow! What an incredible feat! Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey. God bless you!

  14. I am still crying. Mike you are sent from heaven to bring joy and a smile to each and every person. To the families of the fallen men and women you are one of God`s Angels
    God Bless You and your Family for the great joy and happiness you bring.

  15. Just a wonderful way to show appreciation for the job that they do. I have a nephew that
    just was sent to Kandahar I wake every night and think if him and worry about him.

  16. God Bless them all!


  18. Thank you Mike. My father also served in Korea and Vietnam. He never talked much to me about those wartime experiences. He was one of the original Frogmen (UDT). And later in Vietnam, on the swiftboats and monitors on the Mekong Delta. He left this world in March 2010. I miss him very much, every day. I salute my dad, James R Nelson, and respect and salute those serving this fine USA. Mike,, I salute and admire you. God Bless


  20. You are an awesome man. To humanize our fallen in such a beautiful, extravagant way is such a tribute to them and I’m sure that the families of each man or woman that died for our country is so thankful to you for truly going above and beyond for their loved ones. It is also great that this is on video that I can share it in emails and on facebook and we know it will make it’s way around the world showing how one person can make such a statement about caring, loving, appreciating our troops and showing that if one person can make a statement than we all should be able to do something too, to say “Thank you Soldier, you will never be forgotten”.. Thank you Mike for a beautiful, tearful journey.

  21. This is one of the most touching videos I’ve ever seen. I smiled through my tears knowing how grateful all the men and women and their families are to his incredible man. God bless you!


  23. Thank you for this amazing expression of love and gratitude. Can’t stop crying!

  24. Thank you all for your kind comments. In 2010 I had 145 families open their homes to my journey and cause as I completed the Iraq wall from Oregon to Maine. In 2012 another 58 families shared their homes as I travelled from Canada to Galveston. It showed me that no matter how bad we think things may be, we are still a great country with great and generous people and with that thought I still had the freedom to do a job I felt I needed to do.
    To see where a friends, relatives or loved ones flag has been placed please view at “Find A Flag” on the website.
    Thank you and spread the story……

  25. I saw an article about you in our local paper the other day and thought what a wonderful tribute to our service men and women for you to do this. If you come by our house we would be honored to have you as our house guest.

  26. Mike Ehredt did a wonderful tribute for the men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country. The highlight of my recent trip to France, and a Safari to Africa, was the time we spent at the American Cemetery in Normandy. There were 10 Vets in the group, including myself, and with the help of Congressman Ron De Santis of Florida, we were able to conduct a military ceremony for two men that were KIA in June 1944. The short time we spent in Normandy will stay in my memory, as much as all the worldwide travel I’ve done in the past. God Bless America!

  27. To all those who’ve gone before us rest in the spirit of Mike Ehredt’s great tribute.

    May we always be willing to give
    even what we cherish most
    to make the world a safe haven
    for future generations
    as their missions of curiosity
    approach the limits of understanding.

    May those who succeed us
    persist in the journey
    with care and concern
    no matter how difficult or long.

    And when we depart
    this realm of space and time
    to approach the infinite and eternal,
    may we leave behind
    only footprints of love
    among the fingerprints of God.

    Edward Nixon

  28. Mike- you are a true American Hero!! Thank you from all of the patriots in the USA for you act of kindness to these fallen heros and their families. God Bless you and the USA! May we return to our American way of life in 2016 and once again become the LEADERS of the free world… standing tall and proud. God Bless the USA!!

  29. May god bless you Mike! You managed to honor each and every serviceman and woman who lost their lives in a most personal, dignified and beautiful way!

    Joe Maiello – Spring Mount, PA

  30. To all americans or those willing to fight for this great country of ours i salute. It takes a lot to keep this great country free,and it is done by the home of the brave. The men, women, wives husbands, whether on the home front , battlefield, in the air or on our great ships, it does not come cheap.FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Thank you to all who serve

  31. Thank you for the kindness to all those who were unable to return. I have family who
    were there , but by grace of God, they are back safe and sound. God bless you and America

  32. Thank you for making so many aware of military sacrifices

  33. I’m proud to be an American and proud to have men like this fighting for us.

  34. God Bless you Mike. You are amazing!

  35. Thank you, Mike. the video brought tears to the eyes of this old man.

  36. Thank you Mike you are an inspiration. Those that you honor and their families sacrificed so much for America . This tribute means so much

  37. Steve (Scooter) Harding

    What an amazing feat and uplifting story. Thanks Mike, for all that you have done and for making my day/week.

  38. Thanks, Mike for making this journey across America to pay Tribute young men and women who gave it all for their beloved country. You make feel proud to be an American again. Wish I could run or ride a bike along side you someday.

  39. Thank you for an amazing tribute to the ones who gave all. As a military mother it is heartfelt to see so many folks around the country who are also proud supporters of our greatest asset. “Land of the free because of the brave.”

  40. Mike, An amazing fete! Thank you for your patriotism, especially for honoring our military in such an inspiring way. You make us so very, very proud. Wish we could say the same for our “leaders.”

  41. Thank you so much for that beautiful story. I am an American! My father was in both World Wars.

  42. Thank you, Mike, for being an inspiration to so many of us who appreciate the sacrifice of those who gave all that we might have the freedom we enjoy in the United States of America. God bless.

  43. Mike, a wonderful tribute to our fallen heroes! I wish all Americans could experience an appreciation of what freedom really means. Freedom is not free and your efforts to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice clearly demonstrates that! Thank you again.

  44. I did not have enough tears to completely watch it all.
    Plus the eleven year old saluting the men and women who gave up there lives for all of us on the beach of Normandy. My Uncle was one of those.
    I am forever grateful.
    Nick (

  45. there” in my comment should have been spelled their. And to think, I was a English teacher for almost 50 years. Please forgive me!


  47. Our family was one of his hosts during the 2012 run. We feel very fortunate to have met Mike and in some small way be a part of his amazing & selfless effort. 2 of our children ran with him for a little way and I’m sure that’ll be a memory that stays with them forever.

  48. Mike,

    Thanks brother.

    Ray (OEF x 1) (OIF x 2)

  49. Thank you, Mike, you brought tears to this old ww2
    navy vets’ eyes.
    May GOD bless you and protect you. HE will have a place of honor for you.

  50. Tears!! I watched your journey with eyes spilling over at the end. Bless you for using your strength and determination in such a noble way that also brings public awareness and honor to the fallen warriors.

    As a WWII US Navy WAVE (1944-46) I lived with the pain of the loss of that generation’s fathers, brothers, husbands. They have received their honors. You now touch my heart with your younger dedication to be this one-man baccalaureate for this generation.

    God Bless you with strength to fulfill your vision of the rest of your journey.

    Margaret P. Lutz
    Outstanding Oregon Women Veteran of 2014

  51. Thank you, Mike, for this tribute to our fallen comrades. You made this old Vietnam vet’s eyes sweat a little. God Bless you.

    Dave Fletcher, US Army, Retired

  52. Thank you Mike for the respect you have shown and still continue to do in honoring our fallen soldiers. Folks like you are out there, there are many of us giving one way or another every day to our fallen and those still serving. Once served or a family member of one who has served, you never forget the sacrifice all have made.
    God bless you Mike

  53. I also want to “Thank Mike” for his courage to do what he and all American would have done. Please American stand up and be counted. For this is our Land and Our People that have died and are still living with pain. We all have to be proud and make this Country a Beautiful Place to live and bring our children up, without war and killing and “Please remember “God”, of which this country was founded on. “God Bless, America”.


  55. i only just received your story about “One Man, One Flag, One Mile” … i beleive most of us quietly, silently, and with soft tears honor all our men and women who fight and sacrifice to protect us and the freedoms and ideals we hold in our hearts. Mike Ehred gave a voice, a tangible truth to our feelings, in his unwavering tribute and soulful unending remembrance to and for each soldier, no natter the armed-forces, who gave every bit of their lives for us … thank you for honoring Mike Ehred as well …

  56. God Bless you SIR! I so admire your wonderful effort and am so pleased to see and learn of your tremendous effort here and your obvious dedication.

  57. What a wonderful Tribute to our fallen military,God Bless These United States .

  58. How can we not appreciate our country, so filled with the generous and devoted souls who have marched the lands of the needy, to serve our nation? I think each and every family can relate to the soldiers who have packed up, shipped out, and served. I have had family members in wars, as far back as I can remember. They come home, with a new strength, and with a new drive to make this a better land. With so much diversity today,and so much focus upon things we need to get away from, I just pray every day, that each and every American will hold on to those precepts which have made America so great a country. We are all blessed that she is ours, and should be dedicated to keeping her strong, steady, and a safe land to dwell for many new generations. May we hand her over to our descendants, as strong as we have seen her. That will be our legacy to them. God bless all!

  59. Joseph Kandlbinder

    Thanks for your sacrifices to HONOR our Military Service Members and their Families. God Bless and save me a spot in Heaven. SGM (Retired)


  61. This is so very touching! I just wish that our Vets knew how so many love them & respect them unlike many politicians. I am sure my Dad would have loved this story but I did not get him that long. He was a CMDR in the Navy Vitas E. Mardos in charge of the MI Sea-bees WWII & Korea. When he got out he was hired by GM to be in charge of Pontiac Motors but that was to be a very short job. After barely 4 years God called him home when I was 8. The Govt. wanted him to be in Arlington but my Mother would not allow it. Because the cemetery he & my Mother are interred has become dangerous I am making plans to move them to the Holly MI Military cemetery since we will be interred in SW Nebraska.
    God Speed to all of you Vets! Our country would NEVER have become as great as it is without you! We are strong supporters of Wounded Warriors! Thanks Again.

  62. Thanks you Mike for remembering all the fallen heroes. MY hero was Sgt. Thomas J. Dostie, Mosul Irag 12/21/04. We are very grateful to everyone who remembers the fallen heroes. Let us never forget.

    Peggy Dostie
    Proud Mother of Sgt. Thomas J Dostie 12/21/04

  63. A truly great American and we ALL should be VERY PROUD of such a selfless Man…..This is the kind of dedicated Americans we desperately NEED in Washington……All I can say is THANK YOU thru the tears in my eyes…..SEMPER-FI….

  64. This is an incredible video. I served in the Merchant Marine in World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars in the Air Force. As a veteran I am proud to serve my country and thankful to all the other veterans who served. God bless America.

  65. What a patriotic and wonderful tribute to our fallen military personnel! Mike, you are truly an outstanding and dedicated patriot. Thank you for your “over the top” contribution to our great country. Being a retired military person, your contribution is even more special to me.

  66. Memorial Day is Everyday to Americans. We often go about our day without thinking about all those who gave their time, and sometimes their Lives to allow us to experience life in a Free Country. We have so much to be thankful for, and Mainly our Hero’s who paid the ultimate price to allow us to enjoy the Freedom we enjoy each and every day. Thank All those who gave their time and sometimes their lives to allow me to write this message without fear in my life.

  67. Thanks, a million, its people like YOU, that keep me fighting for this Country, just when i feel theres not much HOPE, along comes YOU..May Our Lord And Savior, Send His Angels To Bless And Protect You And Yours AMEN!

  68. Thank You for honoring our fallen warriors. It is a tribute to each individual that stretches across their families, their communities, throughout our great country. God Bless you for your tireless effort, and God Bless America.

  69. What a wonderful project from a special man. May God continue to bless him and our country as we honor Him and thank Him for our blessings. Thank you Mike for making us aware of this project.

  70. Robert L. Parker, Sr.

    Our veterans offered their life for the United States of America. The heroes gave their all (life) and too many are damaged forever (body, mind and soul) for our freedoms. I thank God daily for our veterans’ commitment and dedication. I will continue to salute our American flag, veterans and volunteers every chance. Thank God for freedom. My active duty was nearly 45 (yes, forty-five) years and I have served at the VA (for FREE) more than five years. I love this nation.

  71. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless. What you have done for all of us is amazing.

  72. Today is the 5th anniversary of my nephew SPC Dennis M Williams being killed in Afghanistan. I got your video in an email from a friend today and wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done. Dennis had only been there for 1/2 months when he was killed and there is not a day goes by that we don’t miss him and also give thanks for the time we had with him. Bless you and thank you again. I found his flag was placed in La Prairie, IL.

  73. Such a dedicated man who is beyond amazing…Your patriotic spirit is beautiful and know that you have brought many hearts along with you on your amazing journey…God Bless You!

  74. Awesome tribute, Mike! What an amazing journey within and beyond oneself for the remembrance of others. What a way to step out! Ooorah from this old Marine.

    Thank you, and may God Bless You always; and may we all remember those who came before us and sacrificed unselfishly.

  75. Mike,
    Thank you for all you have done. Words cannot describe how much this has meant to all our Veterans and families.
    May God bless you always,
    Semper Fi

  76. This is a hero, not jay Z, Justin Bieber or Beyonce’.

  77. Thank you for your wonderful contribute to our fallen heroes. Believe it or not we never saw this in the lame stream media! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for our vets. I salute you and all our veterans, past, present and future.

    CO Jerry Miller
    US Army, Ret.

  78. As a disabled US Army Vet, I salute you for the sacrifice you have accomplished. May all those fallen rest in peace and God Bless those who are still in harms way.


  79. You are an amazing man! Thank you for your sacrifice in honor of those who gave all they had.
    If you are in the NYC area, please look me up.

  80. You are an amazing man! That was so wonderful what you did for all of our fallen hero’s, and their families. I would like to thank you for all that you have done!!! God Bless You!!!

  81. Mike, as you have honored all of our country’s service men and women, I salute you. May God always bless and keep you and yours.

  82. Your story touched my heart. Thank you for what you are doing for all our men and women who are serving or have served our country, and the families of those who gave their lives serving our country. You are a very special person, God bless you on your journey.

  83. Thank you for your tribute. Simply amazing. You reached and touched many of our fellow citizens on your journey – and as an Army veteran, I thank you!

  84. I don’t what to say other than “Thank You” for your sacrifice in honoring our Veterans and their families. God Bless You!!!

  85. I am so humbled, and wiping the tears away. Thank you for honoring our Vets in a way that many of us wish we could have and are thankful that you did. God Bless You!!

  86. Mike, what an awesome tribute and accomplishment. Thank you for remembering and paying tribute to these fallen heroes! God Bless America! God Bless You!

  87. Nice work…Need any help give me a call: 502-265-2223

  88. A very touching & emotional video. I could not stop the tears from forming ..praise the Lord for his service. God bless you on the long .

  89. What a wonderful way to honor our fallen soldiers. Your efforts and those of many others like you show that their ultimate sacrifice has been fully appreciated. We must all pressure those in power to more fully show our appreciation and support by insuring that those returning get all of the help with both medical care and jobs that we can provide.

  90. Many thanks for this great task. God Bless our Veterans and our flag.

  91. What a wonderful tribute to our fallen warriors…..God bless them, and him for
    honoring those who gave their life for all of us….
    My dad was a CMDR in the U.S. Navy, serving over 31 years! I had the best
    Iife, growing up in the Navy…I would not change anything….I was and still
    are, very proud of all those who serve…..
    Please, .everyone reading this, always remember those who gave their lives, so
    that we can live free in the best country in the world, and pray for those who
    are in harms way!

  92. From sea to shining sea, & everywhere in between…what a marvelous tribute to our fallen heroes! You, Mike, are a hero, too! Thank you, God bless you.

  93. What a beautiful and inspiring tribute to all those who have given their lives for our amazing country. You are a truly a blessing and an example of a true American and I am in awe of you and your family. Thank you for your selfless act of honoring our fallen warriors. May you and your family be blessed. With much gratitude and love.

  94. A “tribute to all the servicemen and women who bore the ultimate for the United States of America. A life given to maintain our freedom. Bless you for remembering those who gave their life.

  95. Tears seeing people place their hand over their heart or salute. Beautiful Thank you so much to those who gave their life for “me” and God bless their families.

  96. Dorothy Kopacek august 30,2014 6:00pm

    You are a brave and wonderful man May God bless you.

  97. Joyce Evelyn Dorow Kelley

    Wow what an Ametican. Thank you for love for all our fallen warriors . That is quite a tribute. Much love to you and your wonderful family and friends who helped you on.

  98. God bless you for your hard work. My three children each served in a branch of the services. Praise the Lord I haven’t lost any! I still have one in the Army, ready to sacrifice for this great country! You are appreciated for your love and dedication to our fallen soldiers! Thank you for recognizing and honoring these wonderful men and women who have given ALL so we can have the freedom to live in this free country! America the Beautiful!God bless you and your family!

  99. “Righteousness exalts a Nation……..” May we always remember these Men/Women who have given their lives that they have not died in vain! We must maintain our Freedom & Liberty in the face of Tyrannical & Dictatorial Enemies that come as ‘Wolves in Sheep’s clothing”. Keep on Keeping on!

  100. A great way to honor our fallen heroes

  101. Thank you so much. We love our soldiers and are so very proud of them. We can never do enough to honor and show our respect for all they do.

  102. Don and Anna Lee Adams

    We were so glad that you spent one night with us. You are a great guy and
    a wonderful speaker. Congrats on your recent marriage. Loved the video.
    Good Luck in all of your future endeavors!

  103. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. What a wonderful tribute to all our fallen heroes and the families that lost a loved one. God Bless You.

  104. Mike Thank You so Much.This is such a Honorable journey you have made.Made my day.God Bless you and yours

  105. What an amazing man you are Mike. Still have tears in my eyes and have so much appreciation for what you have accomplished. God Bless You Mike!!

  106. What an absolutely amazing man. Why doesn’t the media report this stuff instead of Michael Brown, Michael Sam, etc.

  107. Thank you. My son and SIL returned safely. Thank you for honoring those who did not.

  108. Michael-Does it ever get old? All of those thank-yous & blessings? I completely agree with Mary Stewart Graham. Why haven’t we heard of your endeavor sooner? Your dedication goes beyond amazing or honorable. I believe you truly a messenger of God’s command to get our attention of what needs to be remembered. Thank you 1 more time.

  109. I wish I could have done it with you……GOD Bless

  110. God bless you and all our fallen heroes!

  111. No kidding!!! My iPod was on shuffle when my dad sent this video to me. It played a couple of songs while I read the article… I honestly don’t know which songs they were. As soon as the video started playing “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” by Toby Keith came on the iPod. That’s not a coincidence… That’s real. That’s not random, that’s a clear indication that these men and women did not die in vain. They gave the greatest gift a person can give for the sake of others. They fought and died with dignity and honor. As a part of something bigger than themselves. And I salute each and every one of them and I applaud Mike for every mile he ran representing one of America’s finest and bravest people. God Bless America.

  112. A genuine expression of honor and commitment. God Bless him and all who serve, and have served, including my son, grand-son, best friend in life, grand-son-in-law, and many other special friends and loved ones.

  113. Mike,

    Thank you for the wonderful thing you did.
    IF you’re ever in the NYC area do stop in

    I LOVE AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Thank you VERY MUCH for doing something to honor our Service men and women who gave their all for OUR COUNTRY. You are an inspiration for the rest of us. I know that all of those people you saluted as you planted their flag, returned the salute. Thanks again Mike. I’m getting more sentimental as I get older and this brought the tears.

    Sadly, I did not hear or see one comment , story or soundbite on this from the MSM.
    Thank You Mike; I Salute You for remembering our fallen heroes who gave their all for their countrymen & Freedom.
    USAF 1960

  116. Thank you for the honor you have shown for our lost service members. They provided the ultimate sacrifice to which none of us can ever repay, but we’ll continue to try and we’ll never forget. Mike, this country needs more people like you!

  117. All Gave Some , Some Gave All. Thank You For the commitment to your mission .Thank God for the service of the men and women that serve this great country.

  118. thank you from the bottom of my heart and for my parents and sister, we lost my brother, Tom, in May 1968 when the USS Scorpion sank

  119. Not all hero’s are dead!!! Some still run. Thanks!

  120. I don’t even know what to say or where to begin . This country needs more hearts , more spirits like this man . God Bless him and keep him . We need passion like his leading this nation . Steering it into our future . Thank you for your inspiration …

  121. Thank you! One of those flags was for my youngest son, SGT Sean M. Collins, 2/502 IN, 101st ABN. KIA 12/12/2010, zhari District, Kandahar Province.

  122. It always brings a tear to my eyes when we salute our terrific soldiers and sailors for what they give and have given to help and protect we Americans. Then one guy shows all of us just how much it means.

    God Bless each and every one of our military.

    Thank you for your service.

  123. Life is short and for some it is shorten even more protecting us and our freedom. That we can honor AND REMEMBER them in anyway is the least we can do. This man has chosen his way and hopefully you can choose some way to do the same thing too. I say a small prayer as often as I can for all those wonderful men and women who gave some or ALL for us. GOD BLESS YOU !

  124. Great story to come across my computer on Sept 11. I watch nightly news regularly. I don’t recall this being there. Patriotism seems to have died off but people like Mike Ehredt will bring us back and have new found hope. God bless him and all involved.

  125. thank you Mike for remembering all our fallen heroes may God bless you and keep you safe my husband was one of the fortunate ones that came back and I thank God for that

  126. Thank you so much for sharing this tribute to our fallen heroes, Mike. I don’t want America to forget the sacrifices our American fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and grandchildren who have paid with their lives for us all, so we can remain free.

    On this sad day, Sept. 11, 2014, I hope all Americans will at least take a few moments to remember and give thanks to God, for these brave men and women, and to those who are still serving, to keep us a free nation. May God guide and bless us all.

  127. i’ll never forget this photo. it says everything! i spent seven years in the U.S. Navy, however i still want to thank the millions of other vets who fought and gave their lives so that i can write how i feel. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN THE SERVICES AND GOD BLESS!


  129. Thank you Brother
    I served USNAVY 1979-1987 Iran Hostage campaign. Even during “Peace Time” I have lost
    brothers and sisters alike…My Dad (rest his oul) USMC WWII Pacific, with out us and others
    that I know from WWII – Iraq & Afghanistan would not be able to have the Freedom we Have today.

  130. WOW, Congratulations, this is one of the best stories I have seen. I wish I would have known about your trip to Galveston for I would have been there. Served in the USMC, great job I am very proud to have seen this story and very honored to know there are people in this Country like your self unselvish willing to honor all those who have paid the greatest sacrifice for our freedom.
    Thank you, God Bless
    Constable Gene De Forest
    Conroe, Texas

  131. AWESOME
    I am rarely at a loss for words however this is an act that should have been on the front page of every news paper in the country. The Men, The Women, and the commitment they give to keep us free is just priceless. Thank you for giving your time and effort to honor those that gave their all. GOD’S SPEED to our people that are around the World protecting us, our way of life, and our FREEDOM.
    Ronnie E Schulz
    Automobile Sales of automobiles made, built, and United States Of America taxes, paid on the profits of the manufactureing, sale, and parts.
    Norman, OK

  132. James (Jim) Sutherland

    This is a great tribute to our troops a job well done. As American Legion Post Commander of Post 57 in Lake City, Fl. an 1st Vice Commander of District 3 I will pass this video on to my board and the district Commanders. Again thanks for your time and efforts for the cause.

    James (Jim) Sutherland
    Commander Post 57
    Retired MSGT US Air Force.


    S-U-P-E-R-B!!!!!! Now THIS is the kind of UPBEAT and POSITIVE stories and reporting we AMERICANS should be hearing about in the news media!!!

    I HEARTILY applaud this report and the individual who performed this incredible act of tribute!!!


  134. What a great patriot and now we can share to the world.

  135. Thank you so much for what you done. The ones that didn’t return home mean so much to us all.

  136. I think it’s a great time for the U.S.A….

  137. Thank you Mike for this tribute. I spent 21 years in the Military before retiring and I am grateful for what you did to honor all who served.

  138. Col Paul J Hesketh USAF RET

    I am poud of you Mike, wish I could have been along ! Thanks for the USA!

  139. WOW!!!! What a way to honor those who have fallen that we may remain free! WOW!!!!


  141. Thank you Mike for your wonderful tribute to all those service men and women who have died in hopes of keeping us safe. You carry the thoughts of so many people with you. Keep up this wonderful journey. God bless you.

  142. Words can not do justice to the emotions I am feeling after watching this so I will just say “Thank You!” Thank you for making me remember to never forget!

  143. I salute you!! Amazing sacrifice to those who served.


  145. Thanks Mike for the wonderful tribute and all your hard work to make it possable to never let us forget about all the service men and woman that gave there all to keep the rest of us and the United States of America free.

  146. I truly appreciate all the wonderful comments.
    I hope you are all inspired to have an impact towards those around you.
    Please continue to share the link to the video and may those who watch it, play it forward.
    You and your gestures, you and your Project, leave ripples………
    Thank you!!!
    Mike Ehredt

  147. Gary & Charlene Hamilton

    Thanks Mike, you are an inspiration to all who love this country and what we stand for. God Bless you.

  148. We thank you Mike for your extraordinary and unlimited ambition for a worthy challenge,to pay respect to Those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.May we not forget the men and women in uniform hat are still protecting us so we can enjoy the freedoms we still have. We also pray for those who were severely wounded while defending our freedoms. May We Never Forget .
    God Bless America

  149. Very Nice!

    (but why is he saluting as he does not have a uniform on?)

    • Mike, What a great site, Thank You…
      As a three time Vet, Stationed in Thailand during Viet Nam, U.S. Air Force Dog Handler, U.S. Army, Combat Engineer, Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Member of The Patriot Guard Riders, Serving Those That Serve…

    • I did not run in uniform. The salute is the finest tribute you can pay. Each mile, each flag was given a salute. From a one vet to another.

  150. Dear Mike, THANK YOU and your support groups for your tireless efforts to acknowledge our FALLIN HEROS. As a vietnam vet my wish is that some day in the nearest possible future that no one individual will have to do what you have courageously performed and that no more flags of rememberence will have to be placed for unjust involvement. sincerely, bronze medal recipient, david burns

  151. I wish this had been on every website and covered by every news outlet. How sad that I had to wait so long to be made aware of this amazing man and his wonderful effort.

  152. It always amazes me that I live in a country with such great people that always give and respect it. Mike is one of the best and it brought tears to my eyes that someone would respect and honor those that served and died.

  153. Thanks for your service!

  154. Thank you Mike for a wonderful way to honor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our God and country. I was amazed when I noticed 1sgt Daniel Romero name on one of the flags.
    Thank you for your service.

  155. Thank you Mike, I am so sorry I did not know of your second run. I would have liked to be there along the way or to welcome you at the end of your tribute. What a unselfish and wonderful thing you have done. We need to know when people do these memorial tributes.I am to old to run with you but I am on your shoulder all the way.
    Love Carol

  156. Coach Russell E - Tampa

    Amaging! I want to thank all those that have served as well. Proud to be an American. Thanks Mike! You’re a true inspiration!

  157. Mike I just watched this video and was moved to tears. Although I am Canadian, I have very strong ties to the US. I attended college at RPI in Troy NY. where I met my wife of 38 years. We have two wonderful children both of whom have obtained their US citizenship and reside and work in the US. I have always been taken by the great sense of pride and loyalty and selflessness that the people of America have.

    Mike you have honoured those that have made the supreme sacrifice in a very special and unique way and I salute you. You are an amazing, unselfish and special person and may God bless you.

    Thank you pickleball channel for making this video available. It was a treat to watch and gave me a great sense of pride to be connected to such a great country as America is. Thank you.

  158. Thank you all for your comments and thank you to Hylands for sharing this video and for believing in every step I took.
    Every day that when we awake we can make a difference and we can be more than we are and accomplish more than we thought possible..

  159. Thank you Mike, I am so sorry I did not know of your second run. I would have liked to be there along the way or to welcome you at the end of your tribute. What a unselfish and wonderful thing you have done.

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