This week on Pickleball Channel we are going to introduce you to an USAPA Ambassador – Jean Sears from Glendale, CA!  Watch and learn what Jean likes about pickleball and then share your own comments below!

Maybe you have recently discovered an interest in this great sport called pickleball and your passion is growing.  Consider becoming an ambassador yourself and introducing others.  We all help the sport when we spread the love we have for it!  To find out more about the USAPA Ambassador program go to

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  1. Wonder how about deaf people play Pickleball? Yes we have about 30 deaf people it s in Rocheater, NY. I have been spreading about the Pickleball I love playing Pickleball Thanks

    • One of the best players at Nationals is Billy Jacobsen and he is deaf

    • Yes Billy Jacobsen is a great guy and great player. For your information, we close caption all the episodes on Pickleball Channel. If someone watches on the bottom right of the video player is a CC icon which will turn them on. It usually takes a few days from when it is first realeased though to caption them.

  2. I live in Granada Hills, CA. Does anyone know of a Pickleball Program in the San Fernando Valley? My wife and I were visiting friends in Palm Desert. Discovered Pickleball, and got hooked. No place to play close to home.

    • I don’t know if your skulking to travel a little but there are a couple of great places to play in Simi Valley. On Tuesday and Thursday they play indoors at Rancho Santa Susanna gym from 8:00 to 12. They also play outdoors at Lemon Park most every day and night. They have 4 dedicated pickleball courts there. Let me know if you need more info.

    • If you can’t find pickleball near home the best thing is to scout out little used tennis courts, find out if you can chalk some lines in, advertise (for free) in your paper about pickleball, and watch how quickly there is pickleball in your neighborhood.

    • Hi Steven, thanks for reaching out, and hang in there. Keep searching, the sport is growing. Have you gotten in touch with the USAPA Ambassador for your area?

  3. Jean I loved that you said while you are playing your in heaven all else goes away Yes Yes Yes. mike

  4. Hubert Townsend

    Do think about becoming an ambassador. The USAPA really supports you. They had a banquet for all the attending ambassadors at the Nationals last November and gave out ambassador t-shirts that I wear whenever I give clinics. Also, they give you business cards with your name, number and the website address–great for giving to your new pickleball friends that you meet throughout this wonderful country and to new players.

  5. I have a court and would like to host pickleball games but have only played once and loved it.

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