This week on Pickleball Channel we have a Quick Tip brought to you by a player nicknamed “Yoda” –nicknamed because he seems to know the sport of pickleball at an in-depth level.  Mark Friedenberg is a pickleball player who hails from Seattle and Surprise, AZ.  While Pickleball Channel was capturing all the activity at The Huntsman World Senior Games, we grabbed Mark and asked him what one Quick Tip he would pass on to other pickleball players to improve their game.  It is loaded with common sense and will actually help you gain points and improve your game.  Play better you will!

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  1. How to train yourself to stay out of the kitchen. As a tennis player, we are trained to ‘close, close, close’ into the net. In pickleball this gets me in trouble. How can I train myself to stay out of the NVZ?

  2. Along that line….

    1924 William J. Tilden,2nd wrote a little handbook called, Better Tennis for the Club Player and in it he wrote….”At least 8 out of 10 points in tennis are lost, not won”. By that I mean they are missed; either put in the net or outside the boundary.”

  3. Beginners are thrilled to hit the ball.

    Intermediate players hunt for winners.

    Master players control the ball.

  4. I would like to know techniques for loading (or stacking) with a doubles partner. What are advantages and disadvantages?

  5. Do you have text transcripts of the Quick Tips? I’d like to post them at my club as a “tip of the week” series, giving proper credit, of course.

    Love the tips! Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Mary Jane,
      We don’t have transcripts per se, but you can turn on the captioning for every video and re-type what is there. In order to turn on the captioning, start the video and then in the lower right corner you will see a square with the acronym “cc” inside the box. If you click on this, you will see all the words said in the video. Hope this helps for now. Have fun playing!

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