And so the journey begins….Pickleball Channel’s first show, I ♥ Pickleball is about the stories of pickleball players everywhere.  Our premiere episode is about Stan and Maureen Miller-Nielsen.  These Canadian snowbirds discovered a passion for pickleball and did something about it.  We think you will be touched by the community that has grown around this contagious passion and still grows today.  Please feel free to comment after watching the video and encourage other players around the world!

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  1. Virginia Troester

    Loved the story about the Nielsens. When I’m near their area, I’ll bring my paddle and join in the fun!

  2. Nice job of getting people interested and coming out. We are trying to do the same thing here in Canon City, Co. Not as much success as you but we are growing. Peg

  3. Would enjoy bringing in some players from Borrego Springs sometime in the near future. A possible contact name and phone number would be appreciated, along with the address of the park that you play in at Cathedral City. Thanks.

  4. Great Job expanding and bringing Pickleball to the masses!! I Love this Game..

  5. Missed this October 2013. But will be back October 2014 and will bring paddle.

  6. Great idea….somehow I missed the”Subscribe here” button, though!!

    • Hi Brenda! So excited you want to subscribe! The subscribe button is up towards the top right of this page as well as on the home page. Thanks for subscribing!

  7. Thanks Stan and Maureen for bringing Pickle ball to Cathedral City. We love you guys. Looking forward to play much more next season!

    • Great to “see” you here on the website, Kathy! Thanks so much for being a part of our first episode as well as for the pivotal role you played in giving pickleball a home in Cathedral City.

  8. Our pickleball club, started by Stan and Maureen, just completed our 1st annual tournament at 2nd Street Park in Cathedral City! It was extremely successful and more importantly a very fun community event. I believe we have a very dedicated club with amazing members and great potential for growth and desire to complete our goals! Thank you Stan and Maureen !

  9. Am thinking of competing in the 55+ Seniors Games in Ontario (I am 58). I have only been playing Pickleball for a few months, but it is amazing how quickly one improves. A new challenge. I love it!

  10. Do you play at the 2nd St park? When do people play?

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