Have you ever had a piece of pickleball equipment that you loved?!  The gear you use can make a big difference! It might make practicing easier or playing smoother, but ultimately, your pickleball equipment can further your game. In this GEAR TALK video, Bev Youngren tells us about two handy pickleball accessories which she uses for practice and teaching – the ball hopper and the custom designed pickleball catcher. Learn how to maximize your practice time with balls ready to go AND retrieve those balls in no time without pain and with ease!

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  1. No closed captions

    • Hi Jo, Glad you are watching so quickly and regularly. The captions are in process and coming soon. All of the other videos should have captions. Enjoy.

  2. Once could also, instead of the tennis hopper that holds around 20 balls, buy The Pic35, which holds 35 balls, or the Pic65, that holds 65 balls. Both have a base that makes it a hopper as well. Plus, each picks up balls that are not hit directly to the teachers aid, which is most common in beginner players.

  3. Players can go to pickleballpic.com to view videos and devices we use to do drill work. One thing not shown: We attach a dole pin (1/2-3/4″) to each net post. We then run a “Crime Scene” yellow tape, twisted, the entire distance along the top of the net. The tape is attached to the poles with small bungee cords at enable us to raise and lower the height above the top of the net. A great teaching aid to help the player understand the importance of hitting the ball low over the net – as opposed to learning by “eating” shots the opponents hit because your return was too high.

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