We knew all along these pickleball players were Hall of Fame material! We have 16 videos filled with Quick Tips, Interviews, Instruction, History and more all featuring the newly inducted Hall of Famers for 2019. Congratulations to all of them!!

Watch the amazing Jennifer Lucore share her quick tips about getting the ball during a game and how to be a great doubles partner.

Listen to Enrique Ruiz as he explains the importance of patience and communication with your partner, then see him do it in a match!

Hear how the illustrious Dan Gabanek has been a top player since the very beginning. His legendary streak of being the #1 singles player is unmatched.

Then hear how Steve Paranto, and his father, Arlen Paranto, completely changed the entire sport of pickleball with their new-fangled paddle made out of something besides wood. Dan was playing then and even he chimes in during the video. And he has several quick tips to help you play the game better!

Watch them all to see what it takes to be a legend!

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  1. I’d like more clarification with examples of when the path of the serve is not vertical enough. For example, if the path starts below the waist line but finishes at the waist line or thereabouts is that a legal serve? If the path starts and ends at the waist line is that a legal serve ? If the path starts above the waistline but makes contact with the ball below the waist line is that a legal serve? You get the idea. Thank you.

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