Winning Tips – Kyle Yates & Dave Weinbach

Winning Tips from Kyle Yates and Dave Weinbach

Gold Medalists’ Secret to Winning Consistently in Pickleball – Winning Tip

It’s true. Dave Weinbach, along with Kyle Yates, actually gives his secret as to why he consistently wins at pickleball! Watch this video and hear his tip on what to work on during your practice sessions. Plus hear from Kyle as he and Dave talk about their battle against amazing 5.0 players Matt Staub and Aspen Kern in the 5.0 […]

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Use the Soft Game to Set Up Kill Shots – Winning Tip

Get insight into the first ever pickleball Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships that was aired on CBS Sports! Hear from winners Kyle Yates and Dave Weinbach while seeing examples of their strategy in action as they give Pickleball Channel their winning tips. Hear them firsthand talk about the specific game plan they came […]

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Winning Tips – Winning Gold: Yates-Weinbach

Who doesn’t like to win?  Especially at pickleball!  In this video, watch Kyle Yates and Dave Weinbach share their excitement for this particular tournament and the exciting action that can happen when the field is filled with strong teams.  They won the gold in Men’s Doubles 19+ at the SoCal Classic held in Oceanside, CA. You can click on the […]

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