We all know pickleball is tons of fun. Whether you’ve been playing for years or just a few weeks,  a great way to spread the fun is to share it with someone new.

Meet Las Vegas ambassador and veteran pickleball player, John Sloan. He has been introducing pickleball to people in the Vegas area for years. Working with the city council, through the recent Las Vegas Olympic-style event, Corporate Challenge, John introduced 81 working people, including employees at Zappos.com, to the sport of pickleball.  In this video John takes some time to introduce the great game of pickleball to one young woman.

Is there someone near you whom you could share pickleball with?  Watch this video and think about how you can be apart of bringing up the next generation of pickleball players.


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I ♥ Pickleball – Las Vegas

Where can you party all night and play pickleball all day? Las Vegas, of course! Check out this episode of I ♥ Pickleball and see what else Las Vegas ambassador, John Sloan, is up to, as he strives to introduce pickleball to more people in the Vegas area. Watch this video and be inspired to champion pickleball in your own community!


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  1. Kara did great as she seems like a natural athlete. If anybody is teaching kids that are not as coordinated as Kara, I would suggest using the foam 36 (I believe Wilson) tennis training ball. We just used it at the PPR training youth clinic and it is so much easier for kids to hit. You can then progress to a pickleball, after they have success with the training ball.

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