Do you have a piece of pickleball equipment that you love? The gear you use can save time and get you back to playing your favorite game more quickly. Check out this Gear Talk video as Steve Paranto shows a very easy solution to a universal problem – picking up pickleballs! Steve devised a very easy way to pick up multiple pickleballs at one time without having to bend over. It’s creative, easy to make, and the materials are inexpensive.  Learn how to maximize your practice time with this inventive solution! Check out this quick video now!

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  1. I always thought bending over was a great part of Pickleball. But this is so simple to make I may give the practice up.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Steve, what a great idea! Wow, serving a bucket of balls to an empty court is a quick drill, but the chore of picking them up afterwards is hardly quick or fun. It would be much faster, not to mention easier on the knees and back with your idea. We most likely have a tube laying around our garage/yard! Thanks so much for making your idea available to others. Now out to the yard to find me a “ball picker upper” !!!! And then to the courts for more practice…Glen is such a drill sergeant, kidding.

  4. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it Steve.

  5. Jeff Jolly shared his design for a ball picker upper which uses a bucket and bungee cords. We are sharing the link for it here to expand your options for making such a useful tool with readily available supplies. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Jeff!

    • Steve, Whoa, this is gonna keep me going for another couple of decades:-). BTW it works with 3′ (not 3 1/2″) PVC pipe. Loved making my own. Steve, you ROCK!!!!!! Love this Pickleball Channel. So does that mean I gotta buy some Hyland’s stuff?

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