Pickleball in my backyard? YES!

As you may have heard, pickleball is exploding more than it ever has before. It’s so easy to learn that anyone, and we mean literally anyone, can pick up a paddle and give it a go and have fun right out of the gate. It also is played on a court that is relatively small compared to other sports (we see you tennis, football, baseball, etc.) and with that one added advantage it is now something you can add to your OWN HOME. Pickleball Channel is excited to bring you our newest series all about pickleball in your own backyard. Watch with us as we introduce you to the homeowners who have decided to embrace pickleball entirely and devote part of their home to playing this amazing sport. Make sure you have subscribed to Pickleball Channel and follow us on all of our social media platforms to be updated when new shows are released. Keep on playing!!!PI

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