Check out this amazing type of shot that is totally legal in pickleball!  It’s not often a camera can catch the exact angle of a shot so that everyone can see it, but we happened to in this one instant during the So Cal Summer Classic held in Oceanside, CA – and we just had to share it with all of you.  In this quick video, Dave Weinbach and Kyle Yates are competing for gold in the Mens 19+ Doubles match.  This was one of those crucial points won in jaw-dropping fashion.  Yes, the shot is legal, and it won the two players the point in a great match with Wes Gabrielsen and Matthew Blom.  Eventually, Weinbach and Yates fought for and won the gold.  You don’t want to miss this stunning sequence of game play. Watch it now!

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  1. Cool shot for sure. After you start trying the shot a few times you automatically look to do it in a match. I’ve seen Kyle do it many times so it was great to see Dave get in on the act too! Great playing guys and congrats for winning GOLD!!!

  2. Great shot! This does not come up often, but when it does and you hit it, there is a great satisfaction. I have never seen it returned, but if it was, that would be an even greater shot!

  3. I’m hearing that at the last “Nationals” tourney any spin imparted to the ball by a player caused a loss of the rally. True, or urban Pball myth? If true, might this shot have been ruled as illegal?

    • Hi J.T.,
      I think this is a myth. According to Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair, “…it’s almost impossible to hit a ball without putting some spin on it. Spin is part of the game, be it during the serve or anytime during the rally.” This shot is good. Also, our video graphic of an arrow might have led you to believe there was more spin than there actually was.

  4. Does this shot need to be above the net to be legal? Because it looked like it was hit lower then the net?

  5. The ball hit the court from the around the post hit but looked lower then the net. Is the hit around the post legal if it goes around the post lower then the net? It seems like this would not be legal if lower then the net.


    Daisy T.
    New Orleans Pickleball player

  6. Yes it is legal and a great shot.
    Great video and Great shot Dave Weinbach!!! Here is an around the post shot in singles

  7. Yes it is legal and a great shot
    Great video and Great shot Dave Weinbach!!! Here is an around the post shot in singles

  8. Hi I just learned about this great game Pickleball, but I have no idea how to play!

    Do I need special instructions on how to play before I play?


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