The competition is fierce as Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright take on Simone Jardim and Oliver Strecker at the Mixed Doubles 25+ Gold Medal Match at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships held in Naples last April. There is some intense play, crazy saves and lightning volley exchanges the whole way through! These two teams bring their A-game and some never-give-up attitude that clashes to make a fun and exciting match including a third tie breaker game that is intense!

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pickleball-two-shot-irina-dan-us-open-brCheck out the best points from the 2016 Mixed 25+ Gold Medal Match! Corrine Carr & Rafael Siebenschein take on Irina Tereschenko & Daniel Moore in a heated match. Watch how these top players maneuver the ball from dinks to incredibly fast volleys – including slow motion instant replays to slow down the point so you can really see the strategy at work.Watch the Mixed Doubles 25+ Gold Medal Recap today!

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