Who doesn’t like to win? Especially at pickleball! This week we are fortunate enough to speak with Mixed Doubles 5.0 winners, Enrique Ruiz and Lynn Syler, as they talk about what helped them win gold at the Oregon State Games in July. Hear from Enrique, one of the top players in the nation, as he talks about a big mistake people often make when playing mixed doubles. Listen to their simple advice of what helped them win that day, then see how you can use it to maximize your own chances of winning!

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  1. Greetings,
    I would like to see tips about singles strategy. Most of the videos and comments relate to doubles and ignore those of us who like singles competition.

  2. I would really like to see a lesson about drinking strategy (“drinking” — that’s what auto correct came up with. I’m a 5.0 when it come to drinking strategy.) What I meant to ask is for help with DINKING strategy — things like where you should place the ball and why, when do you go for a winner, when to go crosscourt vs. just playing to the opponent opposite you.

    • You are in luck Milt! We are coming out with a great video all about dinking and how to perform the best execution of this strategy. I will talk to Rusty about putting it in the schedule soon! Thanks for your input!

  3. I have made many between the legs shots over the years and have not really seen many other players do that. I admit that sometimes I do it just for fun but most times it is a reaction and it is a successful shot (I’ve hit winners). I have done it at kitchen line and on back line. I have also done the same with behind the back shots. I wonder if others have hit these shots. They can be useful shots sometimes.

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