Simple Tip the Pros Use to Stay in the Game – Quick Tip with Dave Weinbach

Here’s a quick tip to keep yourself in the point! Hear from pro pickleball player Dave Weinbach as he talks about one of his favorite concepts in pickleball. It will help you with your dinking and drop shots as well.  Dave is currently a five-time National Championship winner and a six-time US Open Championship winner among many other great wins in his career. This is a concept that he uses in the matches he plays, and now Dave is sharing it with you to help improve your winning streak!

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hqdefault4Watch another quick tip from Dave Weinbach! He gives some great advice about how to keep your shot unattackable. Watch Dave now as he demonstrates these step by step instructions on how to force your opponent to lift the ball, giving you the advantage. This is a quick tip that is packed full of potential! Watch this quick tip today!

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