What’s your New Year’s Pickleball Resolution? How about trying out this tip from Sarah Ansboury. She lays out a super easy way to improve your game simply by being a little intentional. Sarah is one of the top pro pickleball players, US Open and National Champion as well as a pickleball coach. Her resume is long and her game play is spectacular. You’ll want to follow her expert advice. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s effective! Make 2017 count with this great Pickleball Quick Tip!

Learn more about Sarah Ansboury by visiting her website at SarahAnsboury.com.

Find out more about pickleball, including where to play, by visiting the USAPA website at usapa.org.

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pickleball-slice-sarah-ansboury-wide-pbcLearn more from Sarah Ansboury! Want to add a unique stroke to your pickleball game?  Check out this helpful video as Sarah Ansboury demonstrates the slice!  We have even included slow motion so you can study the movement as well as pop up tips with instruction.  The slice is a challenging stroke to add to your arsenal as you play pickleball, but worth the effort as you practice. Watch The Slice with Slow Motion today!

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  1. Experiment with the different things you can change so you have variety in your gam. One example I use is when they lob overhead I go back and appear to smash it down ward but change up at the last second and go up on it again. Highly unconventional but yields big dividends if done right. Using some spin at times also adds an advantage.

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