Everyone wants to be able to defend against hard hitters and drop the ball in the kitchen. Our recent Pickleball 411 showed how, by taking pace off the ball.  It was so popular, we’re happy to be able to share another tip that can help you improve your drop volley. Hear from 5.0 gold medalist David Redding as he further explains this tricky concept in a very easy to understand way. David also has a simple drill that you can use right now to help you develop soft hands. Take control of your game by taking pace off the ball and catch your opponent by surprise!

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pickleball-411-scott-moore-graphic-brWhat do you do when your opponent starts blasting balls at you and you’re stuck playing defense, barely keeping your head above water?  There’s actually a way you can take those hard hit balls and slow them down, making your opponent play your game.  In this episode of Pickleball 411, hear from 5.0 player Scott Moore as he talks about a helpful strategy he uses to slow the ball down and reset the point. Learn how to Defend Against Hard Hitters by Taking Pace Off the Ball today!

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  1. Thanks, Dave. Great video. I’ll be trying that drill today!!!

  2. What stroke technique would you advise for the 3rd shot ? I am guilty of putting it into the net too often – help

  3. Great drill. I will practice this until our courts are completed.

  4. Great & helpful tip and drill. (David is a hell of a tennis player!)
    Walt HSV, AR

  5. Another topic: As a right handed player, I find myself handing off my paddle to my left hand when I see a shot going to my left. I do a little better than 50:50 this way. I’m wondering if I should work to stop this and develop a standard backhand hit? Perhaps it just all depends on the player and which ever he/she can do better?

  6. Super, i will try this tip. Thank you for your helpful tip. Meredith

  7. Great tip. I will start practicing this immediately

  8. What are some good practice techniques against the wall to develop a spin to my ball shots? Jan Deganton

  9. Great shot to have. Thanks for the tip!

  10. That was a great tip, one of the best ones on I have seen.

  11. how to do spin

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