Here are three pickleball quick tips from three Pickleball Hall of Fame Inductees!  Earlier this week, the new inductees were added to the Pickleball Hall of Fame. These players have been integral to the game of pickleball for decades and have helped pioneer the sport into what it is today by giving of their time, serving their community and playing a lot of pickleball. Hear from Fran Myer, Bob Lanius and Earl Hill as they each share a Quick Tip! All three are practical tips which are super easy to do, and, more importantly, they can really help improve your game.

Congratulations to the Pickleball Hall of Fame nominees and inductees this year! The USAPA Pickleball Hall of Fame was started in 2017 as a way to memorialize the contributions made to the sport of pickleball.  This years nominees were Bill Bell, Bill Booth, Norm Davis, Earl Hill, Bob Lanius, Yvonne Hackenberg, Fran Myer and Steve Wong. And the three inductees, Fran Myer, Bob Lanius, and Earl Hill, were honored at a ceremony and banquet earlier this week for their years of dedication to promoting the sport. Who will be nominated to the Pickleball Hall of Fame next year? Keep working on your game, and, who knows? Maybe one day it could be you!

Robert Lanius is being recognized for his contribution to the sport of pickleball by creating and developing the software which enabled the growth of tournaments worldwide with online registration and administration. In addition, Robert was the commissioner of the Arizona Senior Olympics and Grand Canyon State Games for many years. He also created one of the first club websites that featured news, places to play, and tournaments with match results from around the country.

Earl Hill is being recognized for his contribution to the sport of pickleball as a charter member of the USAPA board. He founded the Ambassador program, serving for 13 years as the original director and later as assistant director. Earl also served as the Arizona Senior Olympics pickleball commissioner from 2001 – 2008. The tremendous growth of this tournament led to the creation of the national organization in 2005. is a multiple year USAPA National Champion, winning gold in Men’s Doubles in 2009, 2011 and  2014.  He is a Huntsman World Senior Games Men’s Doubles Champion (2013) and over the course of his playing history has won many awards since he started playing in 1985.

Fran Myer is being recognized for her contribution to the sport of pickleball by creating Pickleball Stuff in 1999, the first informational and retail website, selling equipment from all manufacturers. During 8 years of service as a charter member of the USAPA board, she was secretary, media director and vice president. She co-directed the first USAPA national tournament with Barney Myer in 2009, then with Dennis Duey in 2010 and 2011. She and Barney were Washington State Senior Games Commissioners for nine years and the Greater Seattle Senior Games for 8 years. Fran Myer won silver medals at the USAPA Nationals in Singles in 2012 and 2016 in her age group.  She is a USAPA National Champion in Mixed Doubles 19+ (2009) and a 3 time gold medalist at the National Senior Games Championship Festival.  Since she started playing around 1988 and has won around 200 medals and awards playing in tournaments around the country.

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  1. I’d like a tip: When my partner serves and I stand to the side waiting to come into the court, I have been coming up to the kitchen as soon as they’ve served, but a lot of returns go to the back of the court, and over my head. Should I come onto the back of the court first?

  2. How do we handle extreme spins? Side spins I can hit, but some other spins cause my return to go into the net consistently.

  3. It’s amazing what you can learn from those that are better than you. I’ve been lucky enough to speak to a few 5.0 pros and even a hall of famer. What I learned was amazing!

  4. I can hit, but some other spins cause my return to go into the net consistently.

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