Here’s more proof demonstrating how amazing and unique the sport of pickleball actually is.  In today’s video, you will meet Wimbledon champion JoAnne Russell who partnered with the youngest 5.0 pickleball player on the planet, Jack Munro, and shook things up by winning gold together in the 5.0, 19-49 age bracket at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships.  Get all the details now and be inspired by these champions who prove you can rise from anywhere at any age. JoAnne currently teaches tennis and pickleball in Naples, FL as well as North Carolina.

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Find out more about the youngest pickleball player to date, Jack Munro. It takes a village to raise a great pickleball player, and that’s just what happened in Simi Valley, California!  With the help of an amazing community of pickleball players, Jack has become the youngest nationally ranked 5.0 pickleball player. Hear the whole story in this compelling episode of I Pickleball

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  1. I am trying to find this match online and can’t. Could you include a link to it.



  2. How super awesome is that!!!! You guys ROCK!

  3. In a 19-49 age group tournament, you can be 12 or 62? Why have an age group? Just trying to understand. I have only been playing since Dec. but I am playing in a senior tournament next month. Thanks!

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